Celebrate National Hairball Awareness Day on April 29 by Grooming Your Cat with a FURminator®

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Cats and hairballs and shedding problems are all connected. The FURminator deShedding Tool is a safe, effective and non-invasive way to prevent hairballs from forming before they cause serious problems.

A FURminator deShedding Tool helps prevent the problem of cat hairballs.

“Up to two-thirds of shed hair can be ingested as cats self-groom,” said Roger Yount, FURminator vice president of marketing. “These loose hairs can pack together in a cat’s stomach and form a hairball."

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Hairballs may be a humorous subject to some people but they are no laughing matter for cat owners and their more than 90 million feline companions.

In addition to being a less than pleasant sight, hairballs can also be a sign of potential health problems. The last Friday in April is designated as a time to recognize the hazards of hairballs and take steps to eliminate them.

Thanks to FURminator deShedding Tools, which are used and recommended by professional groomers and veterinarians, nasty and dangerous hairballs don’t have to be a part of a cat’s lifetime routine.

FURminator tools reduce shedding up to 90% by reaching deep beneath the long topcoat to gently remove undercoat and loose hair. Using a FURminator at home for a few minutes twice a week can relieve pet owners of the mess of loose fur and hairball worries.

“Up to two-thirds of shed hair can be ingested as cats self-groom,” said Roger Yount, FURminator vice president of marketing. “These loose hairs can pack together in a cat’s stomach and form a hairball. In most cases, the cat will need to vomit to force out the hairball, which is not good for the cat or household. If hairballs are not spit out, they may block the passage of food in the stomach or become impacted, requiring surgery to remove the blockage.”

With options for both small and large breeds, the FURminator line enables cat owners to easily find the right size product for their pet. In addition, each size tool offers both long and short hair varieties for optimal results.

To complement the FURminator deShedding Tools, cat owners can also take advantage of Hairball Prevention Shampoo for Cats and Hairball Prevention Waterless Spray for Cats. Both the shampoo and waterless spray feature a unique blend of natural ingredients specially formulated to eliminate odor, help prevent hairballs, and protect against excessive shedding for a healthy, shiny coat.

FURminator cat deShedding Tools (small breed MSRP: $42.99 and large breed MSRP: $49.99) are available in long and short hair varieties. FURminator Hairball Prevention Waterless Spray for Cats (MSRP: $8.99) and Hairball Prevention Shampoo for Cats (MSRP: $8.99) are available in 8.5 oz. bottles.

Don’t let your cat suffer from hairballs. FURminator deShedding Tools, shampoos, and hair care products are sold at pet specialty stores, and are also available online at http://www.FURminator.com.

About FURminator:
FURminator Inc. enhances relationships between pet owners and their pets with effective and easy-to-use pet grooming products. Based in metropolitan St. Louis, FURminator was founded in 2002 by husband and wife team David and Angela Porter. Sold at national pet retailers, the company’s products are available to consumers nationwide and distributed through professional pet groomers, veterinary practices and rescue organizations across the United States, and are also available for purchase online or through professional and consumer catalogs. For more information on FURminator, visit http://www.FURminator.com.


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