New Book, FUSE, Details How Third Workplace Revolution Is Transforming Business

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Got Employees? Got a Job? New Book, FUSE, Decodes Boomers and Millennials to Ignite Creative Economy

The keys to the kingdom are changing hands. The future belongs to creators and empathizers, pattern recognizers, and meaning makers. These people... will now reap society's richest rewards....

A new book, FUSE: Igniting the Full Power of the Creative Economy; A 21st Century Primer for Boomers and Millennials in the Workplace, shows how to combine 20th century workplaces with 21st century workforces, to ignite the full potential of businesses and nonprofit organizations. Much like a Google translation tool or an iPhone app, it is a reference tool for navigating today's many-layered workplace.

Still trying to think outside the box at work? Newsflash: There is no box. A third workplace revolution is transforming businesses from the inside out, shifting workforces from Boomers' left-brain linear analysis to Millennials' right-brain creative economic production. A new book, shows how a mashup - not a gap - but a fusion of their unique and specific perspectives and abilities can lead to innovation, and speed products, services and people into the creative economy of the future. Written by Jim Finkelstein, CEO of FutureSense, Inc., and Mary Gavin, President of GavinMedia2.0, FUSE will ignite your organization.

As Daniel Pink put it, "The keys to the kingdom are changing hands. The future belongs to creators and empathizers, pattern recognizers, and meaning makers. These people... will now reap society's richest rewards...."

FUSE decodes Millennials for employers and decodes the workplace for Millennials so that both can leapfrog obstacles and move to the next level of productivity and innovation. As John Caple, author of Finding the Hat That Fits, says: "FUSE is enlightening, inspirational, funny, warm, honest, original, solid, readable and blessedly brief. Everyone who wants to hire good people should have a copy of FUSE. So should everyone who wants to find the right work."

FUSE is a book about combining the knowledge, experience and perseverance found in 20th century workplaces with the speed, digital intelligence and global view of 21st century workforces. A concise guide to a complex topic, it is entertaining, thought-provoking and, most of all, useful in decoding the changing world of work for everyone from college students to C-level executives. FUSE speaks particularly to today's Boomer bosses and entry-level Millennials, who are often polarized in perception and in practice.

FUSE is a roadmap to the major attractions and hidden talents of both generations; a training book for beleaguered Boomers and frustrated Millennials; and an instruction manual for anyone wanting to attract, motivate and retain employees, or to contribute the full range of their talents to their organizations.

"This is an important book. It lays out the distance between the lagging workplace and the leading workforce, gives readers lots of signposts to recognize in their own organizations, and draws a roadmap to the creative economy of the future. A lot of today's media on the subject of the workplace and the workforce focuses on polarization. This book champions fusion, and gets it just right, with practical advice, humor and vision. Message received." -- Sherry Benjamins, President and CEO, S. Benjamins & Company, Inc.

Jim Finkelstein is President and CEO of FutureSense, Inc. a management advisory and consulting firm that specializes in organization development, compensation and communications. Mary Gavin is President of GavinMedia2.0 focusing on communications that integrate the arts of strategy, content, design and new media. FUSE is available at or, for bulk orders, at

Jim Finkelstein, CEO
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Mary Gavin, President
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