ChemStation Announces Three New Products

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Industrial cleaning chemical provider, ChemStation, has three new products and is in the process of getting three new products approved for use by the Department of Transportation (DOT).

ChemStation, a leading provider of industrial, environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals, is excited to announce that they now have three new products and they are awaiting approval from the DOT for these new chemicals.

Currently each State has its own criteria for either approving or not approving a chemical or product for use as an asphalt release agent. Each State’s testing, criteria, and evaluation procedures are different. A State Department of Transportation (DOT) can now use the NTPEP as means of deciding what products to use. NTPEP is a data collection point and reference source for state DOTs. The primary goals of the program are to provide cost-effective evaluations for the state DOTs by eliminating duplication of testing and auditing by the states, and duplication of effort by the manufacturers that provide products for evaluation.

Asphalt release is an agent that gets sprayed into the bed of the truck before it moves along the line to get asphalt dumped into it. When the truck reaches its job site and dumps the asphalt out, the spray makes the asphalt slide smoothly from the bed and not cling to the trucks. Diesel fuel is widely used as an asphalt release because it is inexpensive and readily available. However, it is viewed as an environmental pollutant and prohibited as a release agent in most areas. Diesel fuel often contains high quantities of sulfur. Since sulfur is dangerous to the environment, the United States is busy developing more stringent emission standards when it comes to diesel fuel. They do not want diesel fuel evaporating from truck beds or soaking into the ground.

Diesel fuel also accumulates in a truck bed, where it can change and degrade the properties of the binder material of the asphalt. The portions of the paved roads containing this extra diesel fuel will have soft spots, eventually becoming potholes. According to NTPEP, “The intent of asphalt release agents is to eliminate harmful stripping products that come into contact with bituminous products and strip the asphalt (binding agent) from the aggregates causing potholes, raveling, and other detrimental pavement failures.”

ChemStation offers an array of non-petroleum-based asphalt release agents, along with overhead spray systems to get the release into the beds of asphalt trucks.

About the company:

The ChemStation System is a combination of two components: custom formulated, environmentally friendly industrial cleaning products and process chemicals delivered to refillable containers. It’s refill...not landfill, and it has remained the same since 1984. Being "green" is nothing new to them. ChemStation has been a steward of the environment since 1984, creating and maintaining products and conditions that minimize environmental impact. Creating environmentally friendly products and delivering them to refillable containers makes life safer and healthier for everyone. Their path to sustainability involves the development of their products and their system of delivery; meeting the needs of today with care and concern for the natural resources that are necessary for future generations. For more information visit their Web site at

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