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Top 10 Light Green Home Tips from, a site dedicated to helping consumers live green by providing renewable energy information and the ability to shop and order eco-friendly green energy plans, has compiled a list of ten green tips to help consumers become more eco-friendly at home.

With the growing energy demand, it's easy for families and consumers alike to conserve energy, save money on monthly home and utility expenses, and become more environmentally conscious with a few simple changes to the daily routine.

Here are ten valuable tips on how to improve energy efficiency at home:

1.    Recycle. Not only does recycling contribute to lessening the negative impact of landfill waste (such as greenhouse gases), but it can also put money back in consumers pockets by participating in local programs that buy recycled goods.
2.    Conserve power and water.
a.    Shut off electronics and appliances when not in use. Electronics account for a high percentage of a household's energy use and many people simply forget to power equipment off.
b.    Reduce shower and bathing times
c.    Minimize wasteful water practices by operating appliances such as the washer and dishwasher when loads are absolutely full and use the minimum water necessary when cooking
d.    Use cold water to wash dishes and clothing as often as possible to reduce energy usage for heating water.
3.    Purchase Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) to offset carbon emissions from annual energy usage. A single REC replaces dirty power on the electricity with clean, renewable energy, and is a great green option for consumers in areas where green energy plans may not be available.
4.    Maximize natural lighting and open windows whenever possible to reduce strain of running the AC for extended periods.
5.    Shades or curtains provide natural relief from the sun, and utilizing ceiling fans to circulate air can effectively replace air conditioning on cooler days.
6.    Install or pre-set air condition thermostats to conserve energy.
7.    Repair and Reuse! Plastic grocery sacks, that would otherwise be thrown away, can be used in lieu of trash bags.
8.    Hire a professional energy auditor or conduct a self audit to determine areas of the home where leaks, cracks and improper insulation may contribute to a decrease in energy efficiency.
9.    Replace outdated incandescent light bulbs with energy efficient compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) that use up to 75 percent less energy and are guaranteed to last longer.
10.    Switch to renewable energy. The growing availability of wind, water, solar and other green energy sources means consumers can enjoy pollution free power in their homes at affordable prices.

Green energy is growing by leaps and bounds across the country; consumers can maximize the energy efficiency of their home by applying some or all of the above tips to their regular routines. Among the many tools and resources available through, the site features a carbon calculator for people to estimate energy usage and also provides the option to purchase RECs to offset carbon emissions. is a free online service offering consumers a fast and easy resource to find the best deals and order clean, renewable energy online for Texas residents.

About GreenEnergyChoice
GreenEnergyChoice offers customers a place to find environmentally-friendly electricity or natural gas providers that offer renewable energy in Texas. GreenEnergyChoice is a free online service committed to making it simple for customers nationwide to protect the environment through their purchasing decisions. GreenEnergyChoice is a member of the WhiteFence network.


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