Guild Wars 2 Ranger Guide Revealed: New Tyria GW2 Guide with Top Ranger Strategies Now Available

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GW2 Ranger guide with Tyria guide featuring effective strategies now available. More details can be found at

Tyria GW2

Tyria Guild Wars 2 Guide

Recently released only a few weeks ago on August 28th, Guild Wars 2, is the the second game in the franchise. Heeding the criticism of players from the first game, this time around the developers have upped the ante in many ways. There are more classes to choose from this time around and the story is much more interactive from a player's point of view. Also, the graphics engine now does justice to the game's concept art. This time around the Ranger makes a return, as swift and deadly as ever when it comes to using bows, poisons, traps and summoning nature's spirits. However, playing as a Ranger now takes more practice than ever, and the recently-launched GW2 Tyria guide has the best Ranger strategies for one to take advantage of.

GW2 Tyria guide, with details at, is a top Guild Wars 2 guide. It covers literally every aspect of the game, ranging from how to play as a beginner to winning the fiercest PVP battles. All the strategies offered in this guide are completely legitimate (there are no hacks or exploitations to speak of) and it keeps on giving regular updates about new findings and modifications done to the game. It is also worth mentioning that it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. As most people can guess, within the Tyria Guide is a Guild Wars 2 Ranger Guide (as there is one for every profession), and it is by far the most complete one in existence. Apart from giving an in-depth overview of all the Ranger's skills, the guide also provides countless strategies for the best ways of putting them to good use.

The guide was put together by a group of dedicated MMO gamers who have been following every bit of news related to Guild Wars 2 ever since it was announced. The same guys have also made guides for other renowned games, such as Diablo 3, AION, and World of Warcraft. In other words, the knowledge contained in their guide can and will change the way people play Guild Wars 2.

Tyria GW2 guide it contains a guide for beginners, teaching them the ropes before they make the important choices. There is a power leveling guide designed to teach people how to reach the maximum level as fast as possible. There is a skills guide which shows how to best use all of the skills available in the game. It also includes a crafting guide, allowing players to select the best discipline for their particular class. The PVP in Guild Wars has always been renowned as extremely fast-paced and exciting, and the PVP guides shows how to use each profession to its fullest when fighting on the battlefield. Finally, there are the profession guides, and needless to say, there is one for each. As mentioned before, the Guild Wars 2 Ranger Guide found here is certainly the most complete one, looking into the Ranger's skills, attributes, best equipment, different builds, playing styles, and methods to effectively use the Ranger alongside other classes.

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