Royal River Natural Foods Answers Questions about Coconut Trend

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Royal River Natural Foods explains growing coconut trend and benefits of using coconut food products.

One of the latest trends in natural foods is the rising use of coconut products. Royal River Natural Foods, the independent natural food store in Freeport, Maine, not only carries the coconut-based products earning so much notice, but also provides its customers with the outstanding service they need to make the best coconut purchases.

"We have made a dedicated effort to stock a wide variety of products to meet our customers' growing interest in coconuts," states Doug Obenhaus, the Grocery Department Manager at RRNF. "Our staff strives to share its knowledge of the benefits of coconuts long appreciated in the cultures of tropical climates."

Obenhaus and Royal River Natural Foods can explain the differences between the many coconut products becoming available for consumers.

Coconut water is the juice obtained by draining the liquid from inside a fresh coconut. The versions on store shelves alongside of spring waters or vitamin-enhanced waters often differ in the health claims, but they are not too far removed from road-side stands in the Caribbean, where travelers might have had the experience of drinking straight from a coconut, its top freshly removed by machete. Pasteurization or the addition of other tropical fruit juices (mango, pineapple and guava) can reduce some of the nutritional value and definitely increase the sugar content of coconut water. However, plain coconut water tastes good and does have naturally higher amounts of potassium, so it might encourage hydration and aid in recovery from exercise.

Coconut milk in an aseptic, coated paper carton, like almond milk, rice milk, soy milk, or any of the other grain or nut based "milks," is consumed as a substitute for animal milk. Made from the liquid of pressed coconut meat combined with purified water, this coconut beverage goes well in smoothies, in coffee or in tea or cereal. Similar to other nut milks, coconut milk might come in sweetened or flavored varieties which tend to have a higher sugar content than the plain version.

Coconut milk in a can, on the other hand, typically appears with Asian cooking products and is not for drinking. This product, perhaps better described as "coconut cream," is a key ingredient in Thai recipes. It also enhances many pureed soups, like squash soup, or even black bean soup. Its benefits primarily relate to improving one's cooking rather than nutrition.

Coconut cream, or coconut manna, is a solid version of the above product with no additives. Coconut cream or manna is pure coconut meat no different from any other nut butter - almond butter or peanut butter, for example - in terms of its processing. What is different about it, however, is that it has significant nutritional benefits. This version of coconut, especially if raw or otherwise minimally processed, contains healthy fats essential for sound nutrition. Coconut cream can be added to smoothies, spread like nut butters on whole grain crackers or bread or eaten straight from the jar. It also substitutes for coconut milk as an ingredient in Asian recipes.

The other healthful product from coconuts is coconut oil. Used in the same way as olive oil for sautéing, coconut oil is one of the healthiest plant fats and thus has many nutritional benefits. Similar to olive oil, the best quality coconut oil is virgin, organic, expeller-pressed, and/or unrefined.

For more information, please contact Tina Wilcoxson by phone, (207) 865-0046, or by e-mail, info(at)rrnf(dot)com.

About the company:

Royal River Natural Foods health food store carries all of these coconut products - coconut water, coconut milk for drinking, coconut milk for Asian recipes, coconut cream and coconut oil. Further, Royal River's bulk foods section has unsweetened coconut flakes and ground coconut for adding to trail mixes or yogurt, or to eat straight from the bag. The staff at Royal River Natural Foods is capable of directing customers to the right product for their organic food needs.

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