Better Hearing Gets Personal at California Hearing Center

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California Hearing Center highlights how the newest hearing solutions are shaped to users' life.

Most people assume that when it comes to sound quality, people with hearing difficulties prefer “louder.” In fact, people with hearing loss, like most people, have a wide range of preferences for what sounds best to them.

“The way people experience sound is as individual as a fingerprint,” explains Dr. Darcy Benson, Doctor of Audiology, at California Hearing Center in San Mateo. “We all have our own hearing preferences. It has to do with how the individual brain ‘hears’. This uniqueness is especially important to people coping with hearing loss. This is one of the reasons why mail order hearing aids with their “one-sound-fits-all” design are so unsatisfying.”

Dr. Benson is one of the first hearing care professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area to offer the new Oticon Alta, a discreet and modern hearing device that delivers a highly personalized sound experience. Unlike ordinary hearing aids that assume the same setting will work for everyone, Alta works in harmony with the user’s brain so users can differentiate sounds and hear more clearly, even as they move from one difficult listening situation to another.

With Alta, people can join more easily in conversation in noisy situations, such as restaurants, when a number of people are speaking. Alta’s Speech Guard E works like a shield to protect the clarity of speech, even in noisy background environments. Alta’s Spatial Sound Premium technology allows users to hear in 3-D so they can follow conversations that come from different directions and adjusts automatically as they turn from one conversation to another.

Dr. Benson uses sound samples and questions about personal preferences to help her patients express their preferences in sound quality and other important considerations, such as what sounds are clear and pleasant to them. The powerful sound processing chip at the heart of Alta allows the wearer to receive a richer, more satisfying sound experience that is custom fit to each individual’s life.

Alta is available in a variety of small and sleek styles to suit individual preferences. With the addition of the integrated Oticon ConnectLine system, Alta users can also connect easily and wirelessly to landline and cell phones, office phones, TVs, music, video chatting and streaming, teleloop systems, FM and more.

For more information about personalized hearing care and the new Oticon Alta, contact Darcy Benson at 650-342-9449 or visit

About the Company:

California Hearing Center is dedicated to the field of hearing care. The center features the expertise and advanced technology necessary to ensure that people get the most thorough hearing evaluation possible and that individual needs are assessed. This ensures that clients get the right kind of hearing system: one that fits their unique lifestyle, one that is comfortable and one that meets their needs. Whether it is to improve hearing, to protect hearing or to enhance the enjoyment of music, California Hearing Center helps improve quality of life through better hearing.

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