Hydroponics Gardening Retailer Announces Development of New LED Grow Lights

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HIDhut.com, a relatively new player in the Hydroponics market, announces the development of new more cost-effective and energy efficient, high-output LED grow lights. These newly developed lighting systems represent a significant technological advancement for the Hydroponics market, both for the home grower and for commercial hydroponics operations.

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Every advance like this in the technologies our industry uses will allow more and more families to pursue their dream of growing fresh and healthy organic foods.

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For most health-conscious Americans, the countless benefits of hydroponics gardening have always outweighed the costs involved in setting up a home gardening system. As the different lighting and equipment technologies continue to improve, however, the long-term costs are starting to come down. One such improvement is the development of a new 90W LED light that has the lighting power of a 600W HPS light, but only uses roughly 1/8th of the electricity of MH and HPS lights (using a digital ballast) with the same output.

"The benefits of an LED grow light such as this are tremendous," said Justin Robinson, President of HidHut.com and the inventor of the LED grow light. "Every advance like this in the technologies our industry uses will allow more and more families to pursue their dream of growing fresh and healthy organic foods."

New low heat, low energy LED lights also mean that peripheral equipment such as air-cooled reflectors and ducting are not needed for cooling anymore, also helping to reduce overall price. These improvements make it possible for smaller amperage circuits to be used for the system because each light only draws .7 amps at 120 volts. Standard household circuits could actually support up to 20 of these LED grow lights, which would provide enough light to cover a 60' x 60' area.

Another advantage of the 90W LED grow light is that it is extremely long lasting and has targeted, energy efficient output. The lights will run up 28,000 hours, which is six years of use, running 12 hours per day. This long life can be partly attributed to the fact that the light produces minimal heat and fans are built into the fixture to keep the LED cool at all times. The spectrum of light that it emits is also tailored to the absorption spectrum of chlorophyll, caroten, phycoerythrin and phycocyanin, so no light is wasted in the spectrum that plants do not use, such as green light.

These advanced lighting systems also have the potential to decrease the cost of food production in controlled environments, significantly increasing the ability of commercial farms to produce food during non-peak seasons.

"All of these great innovations are not only good for people who have gardens or would like to start hydroponics gardening, they are great for the environment, which is a major concern for many people who are consumers in this market," says Robinson. "The fact that older hydroponics systems and grow lights were not as efficient and used a lot of energy and electricity was at odds with the philosophies and values many growers take to heart. Now we are on a path where gardens can be both plentiful for the families who use them and good to the environment as well."

About HIDhut.com:
HIDhut is a Florida-based provider of grow lights and all other supplies for hydroponics systems. Hid Hut is a leading source for hydroponics gardening supplies and endeavors to push the industry forward with ground breaking and industry changing products.

Justin Robinson, President of HIDhut
HIDhut Inc

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