How and why Pain and Disease can Actually be Positive for us?

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Senior therapists at Illuminations, Dubai’s premier center for Holistic healing and self-development explain why pain can actually be beneficial to people, and how one can approach a popularly negative perceived aspect of life, into a positive one!

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Highly experienced therapists at the Illuminations Well-Being Center, Dubai’s premier organization for holistic healing and self-development, believe in exploring the causality model of how and why diseases originate, to work on the root cause and not merely the symptoms, as a long-term approach for prevention.

Scientists would explain the word “disease” as an abnormal condition caused by an organism, which interrupts the normal bodily functions that often leads to the feeling of pain and weakness, and usually associated with symptoms and signs of uneasiness.

Contrary to the allopathic approach of medicine, many of the complementary therapies available, aim to resolve illnesses through a holistic approach of understanding the individual as being made up of a three-part component, which includes the mind, the energy levels and the physical body.

“If someone wishes for good health, one must first ask oneself if he is ready to do away with the reasons for his illness. Only then is it possible to help him. ” said Hippocrates the acknowledged father of Medicine.

Keeping in view the above given statement, Soniyaa Kiran Punjabi, founder of Illuminations believes, ‘It is important to offer individuals an in-depth understanding of the integrated approach and the chain linking the impact of their thoughts and their manifestations into the physical body. Individuals then begin to realize that they may be responsible for the pain that they experience.’

Doctors estimate one of the major causes of diseases which surface in the body, originate from a psychological trigger of stress. Stress in the mind arises from the conflict when one’s rules in life go against their experiences. Experiencing Dis-ease is the body’s way of trying to communicate to people that it is out of harmony with what is beneficial to them. Famous inspirational speaker and spiritual teacher, Iyanla Vanzant recently explained so appropriately, that the word PAIN is an acronym for Pay Attention Inwards Now! Therefore, even the smallest sign of sickness should be regarded as a sign that one’s system is not operating at its ideal state, and that the supply of energies are not circulating at adequate levels responsible for healthy living.

Some spiritual healing traditions actively believe that in some cases, illnesses can function as “anamcaras” or friends of the soul. This paradoxical statement is based on the fact that some illnesses will inevitably force an individual to rethink, restructure and recreate their entire life in order to find healing, forgiveness and finally, liberation. Sometimes pain becomes a vehicle towards higher growth and through a process of resolving the pain, one has the opportunity to rediscover their priorities and gain a better understanding towards their life. From an Esoteric perspective, every illness is not a cause, but a consequence of the exposure, intake, quality and frequency of the inharmonious energies that circulate around the physical and energy bodies.

According to the Senior Therapist Amrit Chand at Illuminations, “The most frequent causes of illness are negative attitudes and emotions such as guilt, regret, fear and anger. We also offer specific metaphysical and clinical approaches, which help us identify the exact thought process and emotions, which is causing a specific pain or disease in the body. So it is vital to provide a safe platform to release these emotions at their subtle stages before it seeps into the deeper levels of the physical body,” she says.

So then the question arises, how does one actually eradicate disease from their life?

With each illness or disorder, a person’s body is reminding them to lovingly pay attention to themselves. This can be easily achieved, through a process of self-discovery and releasing limitations, which no longer serve one’s higher purpose. At Illuminations, this remains the focus and primary intent for all services including self-empowerment workshops, individual therapies in various holistic approaches as well as daily meditations, which can imbibe these values in an individual’s everyday lifestyle. Popular tools such as hypnotherapy, NLP, Theta healing and Spiritual response therapy which are all offered at the center are designed with the same goal in mind.

To resolve this issue, one must be prepared to be completely honest with one’s self. It may necessitate facing up to things that they didn’t want to deal with or face head on. And only through the purification of their own system, can they facilitate and give birth to a new level of health and wellness, no matter what the approach is.

So, the highly experienced therapists at Illuminations recommend that one must immediately pay attention to themselves and start to take steps to remove the stressors that are causing their physical problems!

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