Elevatelocal Puts Prince William and Kate Middleton's Wedding Costs into Perspective

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As U.K purse strings are at its tightest, the infamous stiff upper lip again is dominating British mind-sets, with grumbles of dissatisfaction and strain lingering within. At such a poignant time for the UK economy, The Royal Wedding of Prince William Kate Middleton hesitantly arises; therefore, Elevatelocal has done a study of its costs to the British public.

Prince William and Catherine Middleton

Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding is costing the British public 96p per person.

Typically, the occasion has added fuel to the cynical fires of economic onlookers, resulting in blame inevitably landing on the laps of our financially blessed monarchy. Elevatelocal's “The Royal Wedding – who is footing the bill?” study takes a candid yet light-hearted look at who is actually paying for the wedding, and by how much. Although it becomes apparent that the public will pay for a share of the proceedings, the info graphic reassures us that our individual bill is small, and the benefits in moral we will reap, will be all the more worthwhile.

Using research from reliable U.K and U.S press sources, definite contributors to the royal wedding can be distinguished, and other possible financial inputs can be added into the mix. By doing this, one can assess the scale and technicalities of the financial surroundings of the wedding in an informative, yet simplified way. The contributors of the wedding can be split up into four basic categories: “The royals, the parents (referring to those of Kate Middleton’s), the council (of Westminster) and the government. Their input can be cross-analysed and constantly considered in respect to the public. How much of their respective income is supplied by us?

Considering this, predictions of 1 GDP can be made into individual public spend of the wedding, which can be seen as an encouraging figure to more optimistic characters.

When the individual cost of the public is revealed, focus can then turn towards the public’s possible return of investment from the wedding. Not only will it inject £620 million into the U.K. economy (predominately through tourism), it will more importantly and ironically help towards relieving the public’s all too familiar monetary hardship - maybe not completely in the financial context, but certainly in relation to the extensively dwindling optimism of U.K. society as a whole.

As the infographic softly states:

“In this time of economic hardship, the British people deserve a festival of unity and goodwill to increase national morale. Bank Holidays and Street Parties across the land will undoubtedly do this. In our current situation, we think the value of this alone is priceless”.
Considering the its results, it can be assumed that the UK public will think that spending under £1 for a break from the dreary norm will certainly seem like a worthwhile investment to them.

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