Kerr & Wagstaffe: Intellectual Property Rights Essential for Technology Companies

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Apple has recently received a series of patents for two new designs: a speaker system for mobile products and a wireless remote that attaches to the steering wheel of a car. Kerr & Wagstaffe, a law firm that specializes in intellectual property cases, acknowledges the value of securing intellectual property rights—even if the items secured are never produced or sold.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Apple has recently applied for and been granted a series of patents for two new designs: a new speaker system for mobile products and a wireless remote that attaches to the steering wheel of a car. Apple is known as a company that takes out a long list of patents, many of which are never used to produce items that are sold to the public. Although some companies may find this to be a waste of resources, as the patent application process can be lengthy, Kerr & Wagstaffe commend Apple on its proactive stance towards intellectual property rights. The law firm, which specializes in patent cases, recognizes the fact that intellectual property rights are an essential part of any successful technology company.

According to the aforementioned article, Apple has built a reputation as a company that takes out patents for all of its potential product ideas, even if these ideas never make it to production. For example, the reporter cites a patent for a solar-powered MacBook that has yet to be put on the market.

Kerr & Wagstaffe believes that Apple’s proactive attitude toward intellectual property rights is part of its success. The company secures rights to its designs and enforces its patents, ensuring that competitors cannot legally profit from the innovative technology that Apple’s leading employees develop. The attorneys at Kerr & Wagstaffe reinforce the idea that an active hold on a company’s intellectual property rights and the right legal guidance are imperative to the success of today’s most cutting-edge technology companies.

“The first step for any business executive is to define the business’s intellectual property,” commented Kerr & Wagstaffe partner Ivo Labar. “The second step is determining how to protect it. At either phase, experienced attorneys are a business necessity for tech companies and investors.”


Kerr & Wagstaffe LLP is a law firm based in the San Francisco area of California. This firm is known for providing reliable and thorough representation to members of the San Francisco community. In fact, Kerr & Wagstaffe holds a reputation for providing services pertaining to a wide range of groundbreaking litigation. Historically, Kerr & Wagstaffe has spearheaded cases pertaining to patents regarding wireless technology, the legal procedures associated with domain name registration, employee mobility, and trade secrets.

As a law firm dedicated to providing the best in service to its clients, Kerr & Wagstaffe works within a long list of practice areas, including: employment law, First Amendment issues, intellectual property rights, and class action litigation. Kerr & Wagstaffe employs legal professionals who present diverse trial and appellate experience so that it can represent clients to the best of its ability.

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