REST Report Helps Save Couple’s Home and Marriage

Share Article recently released a video review exhibiting the effectiveness of the REST and how it can help save homes and families as well. helps homeowners to get the information that they need when applying for mortgage modifications using the REST Report. The REST (Real Estate Services and Technology Report) is a third party analytics tool that can be used to show a lending institution exactly how the numbers add up and how approving a modification would, in most cases, be a better idea than foreclosing a property.

This Report takes all the property owner's financial information and compares it with a number of government and non-government mortgage modification programs and other foreclosure alternative options to show the homeowner exactly what they can qualify for and how they can best save their home from foreclosure.

In an effort to spread the word about the effectiveness of the REST, a number of individuals who have been helped by have decided to tell their stories through participating in REST video reviews. One such review is from Mona, who lives in Point Loma, California with her husband.

Mona explains that they have lived in their home since 2006 and that, as far as her and her husband were concerned “this was it”, this was the home that they would live in and work from until retirement and then they would also enjoy their retirement together in this house. They were trying to live the “American Dream”. They had a house, they had their business and they were doing well for themselves.

Unfortunately the couple ran into trouble just like so many others, due to the changing economy that has affected nearly everyone in some way. Soon they realized that they were in trouble. Not only were they having difficulty making their monthly payments, but their masonry contracting business was really slowing down more than it ever had before.

Mona scoured the internet looking for answers, but no one really seemed to know what was going on. Many people were blaming the homeowners for spending more money than they had, but for Mona and her husband, as well as for many other homeowners, this simply wasn’t the case. Mona says in her review: “This home was not a sub-prime. It was not like that. We never expected our credit and everything just to shut down; for the whole industry just to shut down.”

Now faced with losing their home, the couple was desperate. They were determined to keep their home because, as an older couple, this was their last chance to own a home and live their dream.

Mona says, in the video, “There were a couple firms out there that offered to help. I knew instinctively, and from the research I had done, that the attorneys would not be able to get us the modification. They can help on some areas of your home and your loan, but at the time, not really with modifications. And a modification is what we were really hoping to get.”

Luckily, after being unable to deal with the banks on their own, the couple finally found the REST Report. They ran the Report. The numbers made sense. And they were able to present their case to the bank and receive their approval for a modification, which lowered their monthly mortgage payments to roughly half of what they were previously paying.

It was a huge blessing since they had really been strugging as a family. Aside from the fear of losing their home, one of their daughter’s had also been diagnosed with cancer towards the end of their dealings with the bank, adding to the stress and pressure on the couple’s marriage.

Now Mona’s daughter is doing well, they have their home back, and she and her husband are still happily married.

Mona, speaking from her living room that she quite nearly lost, says, “We were really happy with the way it turned out; way better than ever expected! We have a future now! We're actually looking forward to our future! And it's going to be doable. Even if it gets tough again, I think we'll be able to deal with it, no problem.”

She adds, “I have to say that I'm thrilled that people out there who really want a different choice than a short sale, or giving the keys back to the bank, they have a tool that works. Use it! Because it works!”

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