LoanSafeMods’ REST Reviews Show How Effective the REST Report is When Dealing with Mortgage Modifications

Share Article recently released a number of video reviews from homeowners who were assisted with their mortgage modification applications by the REST Report.

LoanSafeMods is a licensee of the REST Report (Real Estate Services and Technology Report), a third party analytics tool that has helped thousands of homeowners, nationwide, to avail of the foreclosure alternatives that they deserve. The Report takes all the current data and calculations from the government and proprietary loan workout programs available and runs it against the information of the homeowner, thus giving them detailed information on all the options available given their particular financial situation.

In many cases this can help to speed the application process when submitting a mortgage modification request or it can help to pinpoint problems with the application if it was formerly denied by the bank or other lending institution. The data provided by the REST Report, which only takes 2 to 3 days to process, is so reliable that it can even stand up to court level scrutiny if a homeowner ever decides to take a lender’s decision to deny their request to court.

There are thousands of homeowners who are working through the modification process who could benefit from using the REST. This is why has made an effort to get the word out about this very useful tool by releasing a number of video reviews by homeowners who were helped by the REST.

Crystal, a homeowner in San Diego, California who lost her fiancé and job and had to deal with mortgage payments without the support she formerly had, tells her story in one of the reviews.

She tells of how she was advised to stop paying her monthly mortgage for six months before she could start the modification process. This not only ruined her credit score, but once she had stopped paying and put herself at risk of foreclosure, she was unable to get her modification application granted by her bank.

After months of applying and reapplying with no success, she finally found the REST and found out that all the information she had been getting from realtors and others telling her that she had to settle on a short sale was untrue.

The Report showed that she had many more options than what the bank was telling her she had. With the Report in hand, she resubmitted her application and was approved for a modification that reduced her monthly payments from $1,700 to $728.

Crystal says in her review: “If you think you’re losing your home everything’s going down the drain. You don’t have a place to live, everything’s uncertain, you don’t know what tomorrow’s going to bring but once I had the report in my hand I knew that everything would be okay.”

Mona and her husband, who live in Point Loma, were also saved by the REST Report. As an older couple, they knew that if they lost their house they wouldn’t have much of a chance to buy another one and have the kind of security that they were hoping to have in their retirement years.

After years of uncertainty and hassle, the couple’s marriage started to show signs of the strain. They were about to throw in the towel, both on their house and on their marriage. Fortunately, they found the REST and finally found some peace of mind as their application for a modification was approved.

Now the couple pays less than half of what they originally had to pay, and their marriage is no longer being affected by their financial situation.

Mona says in her interview: “We were really happy with the way it turned out, way better than ever expected. We have a future now. We're actually looking forward to our future! And it's going to be doable. Even if it gets tough again, I think we'll be able to deal with it, no problem.”

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