Helps Homeowners Stuck In Limbo With The REST Report

Share Article recently released a video showing how the REST can help those with stalled mortgage modification applications. has helped connect struggling homeowners to the REST Report (Real Estate Services And Technology Report) a third party analytics tools that can help people to better understand their foreclosure alternative options and which can also be used to organize information submitted to the lending institute to help speed approval of a requested modification to the terms of the mortgage.

Thousands of people have benefited from using this Report. Many of these people had tried to apply for loan modifications on their own, but had little success due to a lack of understanding about how the bank works and how their application and mortgage information is viewed. However, even modification applications that have been stuck in limbo for years have finally been approved after submitting the findings of a REST Report to the bank or lending institute.

A new video review on the YouTube channel tells the story of four individuals whose modification requests were finally granted thanks to the REST Report.

Ron, who lives in San Diego with his two children and works as an EMT supervisor, tried for several years to get his modification granted.

Crystal, also from San Diego, lost a job and her fiancée and was in danger of losing her home due to the slow moving and constantly delayed modification approval process.

Linda, a single mom living in Oceanside with her young daughter, tried unsuccessfully to get a modification for 2 years prior to finding the REST.

Mona, who lives with her husband in Point Loma, nearly lost her dream house and her marriage as a result of the stress of impending foreclosure.

All these people tried to apply for modifications on their own. Each of them ran into trouble with their bank telling them that they needed to resubmit paperwork or send in new documents. Mona says in the REST review:

β€œI must have faxed boxes of documents over and over and over again. Never receiving any help with any of it.”

Linda can relate. She says in her review:

β€œIt was so perplexing to me because I had enough income, I had all the criteria and they kept telling me 'You have to resubmit, it's been three months. You have to send in a new application.' I think I applied at least 3, maybe 4, times!”

Ron and Crystal also found the banks to be impossible to deal with alone.

Luckily, after months or years of frustration, these homeowners finally found the REST Report. This report helped them understand the modification process better, and even more importantly, it helped them to show their banks exactly why it made more sense to modify their mortgages than to foreclose their properties.

Ron says that within a few months, he was granted the mortgage modification that reduced his monthly payments by nearly half and knocked off more than $300,000 from his principle.

Crystal also received her loan mod in a number of months after submitting the findings of her REST Report and now only pays $728 per month instead of the previous rate of $1,700.

Linda can now afford to keep her home since her modification lowered her monthly payments from around $3,000 to just $2,100.

Mona and her husband had their payments cut nearly in half and now pay less than $2,000 a month. They are no longer in danger of losing their home or their relationship with each other.

All these people are extremely grateful for the REST and how it helped turn their lives around and save their homes, their families and their sanity.

These are just a few of the people that have benefited from using the REST system. For more information on this useful tool, please visit

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