LoanSafeMods Helps Struggling Families Avoid Foreclosure with the REST Report

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LoanSafeMods has helped families to stay in their homes by offering the REST Report. A number of new video reviews show just how effective this analytics tool can be when applying for mortgage modifications or other foreclosure alternatives. offers the REST Report (Real Estate Services and Technology Report) to property owners who are in danger of losing their homes to foreclosure. This Report helps families and individuals to see just what options they have when it comes to foreclosure alternatives and in many cases it can help to speed the process of applying for a mortgage modification.

So far, thousands of homeowners have benefited from utilizing the REST Report. Many of these individuals struggled for months or even years trying to apply for a modification on their own, and in some case the modification was even denied. However, the REST relies on up to date data from all proprietary and government loan dispositions and calculations, this means that homeowners are presented with all the options and can decide on the best course of action to pursue., a licensee of the REST Report, recently released a number of videos by people who have had success with their loan modification process thanks to the REST Report. These REST reviews can be found on LoanSafeMod’s YouTube channel.

One review tells the story of Ron, a father living with his children in San Diego, California. Ron, who works as an Emergency Medical Technician, had to apply for a modification when he couldn’t keep up with the monthly mortgage payments at the original rate.

Unfortunately, after having no success applying on his own, he paid up-front for services from two firms, both of which could not help him get his modification granted. After years of uncertainty and fear of losing his home, Ron finally found the REST Report through In just a few months, the modification was granted, which reduced his principal by more than $360,000 and reduced monthly payments to less than half of what the original payments were.

Ron says in his testimonial, “To have somebody who went out of their way to do a good job and not having to pay beforehand was a blessing."

Another person who had their payments significantly reduced by utilizing the REST Report is Linda, a single mother living in Oceanside, California with her young daughter. She tells her success story in another REST review.

After applying for a modification numerous times and not being approved for some reason or another, Linda was completely confused as to what the problem was. She says, “It was so perplexing to me because I had enough income, I had all the criteria and they kept telling me 'You have to resubmit, it's been three months. You have to send in a new application.' I think I applied at least 3, maybe 4, times!”

After nearly two years of getting the runaround, Linda finally decided to run a REST Report so she could see what the problem was and could understand the numbers better for herself. She says in her review, “I had a REST Report done and I looked at it and it was the first time that the process made any sense to me. It was very helpful!”

Linda was finally granted approval of her mortgage modification and had her monthly payments reduced from $3,000 to $2,100.

These are just two of the families that were able to save their homes from foreclosure using the REST Report. For more information on the benefits of this third party analytics tool, please visit

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