LoanSafeMods Helps California Woman Avoid Foreclosure With The REST Report

Share Article enables homeowners to avail of deserved mortgage modifications, using the REST Report. A recent video, featuring Crystal from San Diego, shows an example of how this analytics tool can help struggling property owners.

Loan modifications are becoming more common as more people struggle with making their payments and lenders are starting to realize that foreclosing all these properties might not be the most profitable option. However it can still be very difficult to get a modification approved. Fortunately there are a number of assistance programs that can help homeowners to understand and make use of the modification process properly. The most accurate and speedy modification assistance tool is the REST Report (Real Estate Services and Technology Report) which is available on

As part of their efforts to get the word out about the benefits of using the REST Report, recently released a number of video reviews by those who have had great success with using the REST program. In all cases, the homeowners had applied for a modification on their own, or even used other services that promised them that their modification request would be approved. Unfortunately, these people all had a very difficult time making any progress and were on the verge of losing their homes.

For these people, the REST Report was a godsend and helped them to successfully apply for their modification and save their homes. One of the most recent video reviews comes from Crystal, a homeowner living in San Diego, California, who had lost her fiancé and her job and was on the brink of losing her home, as well.

In her review, Crystal says that before she found the REST Report she had had zero success with filing for a modification. Her bank told her that she would need to stop paying her monthly payments for six months and then apply for the modification. This not only hurt Crystal’s credit score, but it ended up putting her into foreclosure. On top of that, her bank was now giving her a difficult time even filing the request and whenever she thought she had all the necessary paperwork, she would find out that she needed something else.

At one point she woke up to find a Notice of Sale taped to her front door and realtors were calling her and telling her that her only option was a short sale. However, once she found the REST she found out that this was not the case. The REST Report showed that she actually had many more options that the bank was not giving her. So she sent in her application with the Report attached and within a short time, her bank approved the modification and reduced her monthly fees from around $1,700 to just $728. Crystal can now tell her success story from the comfort of her own backyard.

She says in her video: “If you think you’re losing your home, everything’s going down the drain. You don’t have a place to live, everything’s uncertain, you don’t know what tomorrow’s going to bring. But once I had the report in my hand, I knew that everything would be okay.”

For those who are still struggling with mortgage modifications, Crystal’s has this to say to anyone who watches her video: “Take the advice and get the property income analysis done. There’s no risk; absolutely no risk. Get it done! See what it can do for you. It worked for me.”

For more REST Report reviews and information on how the REST can assist in the modification application process, click here.

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