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With the help of the newly launched REST Report licensee,, homeowners will have all they need to decide how to proceed when thinking about submitting a mortgage modification request. is becoming a primary source of information for homeowners seeking to benefit from mortgage modifications. LoanSafeMods uses the REST Report (Real Estate Services And Technology Report) which is a reliable third party analytical tool that offers detailed information on what the homeowner or mortgage modification applicant should qualify for before they actually submit the application.

This information can make applying for modifications a much easier and stress free process for property owners. Before the advent of the REST Report, applying for these modifications would be a very time consuming, confusing and difficult process. Many homeowners still do not know that there is an alternative to submitting their application, hardship letter, tax returns, paycheck receipts and other personal information, and then sitting back with their fingers crossed for up to twelve months just hoping and praying that it will be approved.

With the REST Report, an individual can submit their mortgage modification request with confidence, knowing exactly what they can qualify for and with detailed information on how modifying the loan would be beneficial for all parties involved. But the REST doesn’t only serve to act as a stress reliever for homeowners. For one it can help the homeowner to decide whether they should apply for the modification in the first place. If the REST Report shows that modification is not the best option or simply not an option at all, it can help the person to decide on another course of action such as a short sale or other foreclosure alternative.

This will save the would-be applicant months of waiting only to have their request denied and it can help to find a workable solution to the mortgage situation as quickly as possible. The Report will show the results of the analysis in around 48 hours, so homeowners will be able to make good decisions quickly. If the Report shows that their application will most likely be approved, they can go ahead and submit their application with confidence. If the Report shows that approval is unlikely, this will also benefit homeowners as it will allow them to look for other options as soon as possible.

Furthermore, the REST Report can help to figure out what went wrong if a previous application was denied. It will point out errors in the application, or if there were no errors it can even be used to prove that modification was better than foreclosure if the individual wishes to take the decision to court. It can show undeniable proof of what the homeowner could have or should have qualified for, which will hold up in a court of law.

As a licensee of REST, can help those who are looking for foreclosure alternatives by offering important information about the REST and access to other advanced analytical tools available on the website. The REST Report is trusted by homeowners and lenders alike, and has helped millions of homeowners to get the mortgage modifications that they deserve. For more information, please visit

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