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LoanSafeMods is now offering free income and property analysis to home owners across America

The REST report is a revolutionary tool that allows property owners to find out for sure if they qualify for loan modification. Now homeowners can take advantage of REST and several other analytical services by visiting

Before the advent of the REST report loan modification was something extremely unpredictable. One had to wait for several months to get a response from his or her loan provider. In many cases the application was turned down because of some trivial error and the applicant had to start the process all over again. In other words there was no reliable way of predicting the outcome beforehand. Thanks to Real Estate Services And Technology, known as REST, this process is now a breeze. This analysis points out all the mistakes in an application and tells the applicant how to solve them. It takes away all the guesswork and provides solid facts about the modification process so that a person can get his application approved quickly and effortlessly. However the advantages of REST don’t end here. It is far more than a simple property analysis.

The REST report not only tells the homeowner about the shortcomings in his or her modification application but it also throws light on the alternatives. Sometimes loan modification is not the ideal option. In such cases the report will tell the applicant how to move forward. No matter what the scenario is, the report will prove itself useful. It takes away all the uncertainty and gives peace of mind to the homeowner. If the report says that a particular application is qualified then it is highly unlikely that it will be turned down by any bank.

Loan types that the REST Report is popular for include Hamp Tier 1 and Hamp Tier 2. In addition it also works for short sale solutions and JUMBO loans. HAMP is the most popular loan modification type among distressed home owners in America but it is not the only solution. The REST report sheds light on all the options, thus exponentially increasing the chances of getting a modification.

It is a little known fact that banks profit more by foreclosing on properties than they do by accepting modification applications. Therefore it is always a good idea to have solid proof that shows that the investor of the loan will benefit more from granting the modification request instead of going for foreclosure. The REST report protects the homeowner by showing exactly why the modification request should be approved. It can even be used as legal proof in a court of law. is fully compliant with Federal Trade Commission’s Mortgage Assistance Relief Services (MARS) and it has been providing valuable services to home owners for more than a few years. In addition the REST report also provides an accurate depiction of property value. Using REST a homeowner can find his or her property's current value in the market. Visit for more information and a free income and property analysis.

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