Lyme Disease Sufferers Tell About Beating Lyme Symptoms on Success Stories Interview Series

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Lyme disease sufferers tell about beating Lyme symptoms in the Success Stories series available on the Lyme Disease Research Database (LDRD) web site. Recent interviews feature an Ironman competitor, a Hollywood stunt man, and an American living abroad. The growing collection of stories offers a variety of personal perspectives on healing from this complex disease. In addition to Lyme Success Stories, the LDRD web site presents an ongoing series of interviews with ILADS experts and others discussing Lyme disease symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

It's easy to find stories about people struggling with Lyme

Lyme disease sufferers talk about beating Lyme, and describe their symptoms and struggles in a 'Lyme Success Stories' audio series available on the Lyme Disease Research Database (LDRD) web site. Recent discussions feature the experiences of CJ, an Ironman triathlete; Darryl, a Hollywood stunt man, and Joe, an American living in Europe. The interviews are the latest additions to a unique and growing collection of Lyme Success Stories. The LDRD web site also provides health care professionals a place to discuss Lyme disease symptoms, diagnosis and research, in an effort to help educate Lyme patients and others.

CJ, a nurse and endurance sports competitor, battled Lyme for many years. She was unable to work, unable to walk without crutches, and suffering financially after losing her disability benefits. Her doctor informed her that barring a miracle treatment for Lyme disease, she was not going to heal. However, CJ, who considers herself the Lance Armstrong of chronic Lyme, refused to surrender.

"I told her I was going to become my own miracle, and started training for endurance sports again," says CJ.

CJ's sunny outlook and determination sends a message of hope to people suffering with Lyme symptoms. She believes that telling others about her accomplishments may help chronic Lyme disease patients realize they have the power to overcome the adversities they face.

"It's easy to find stories about people struggling with Lyme," says Suzanne Arthur, LDRD editor. "Most people who heal 90% don't care to look back. It's totally understandable that they don't want to talk about the pain. However, it's very powerful to listen to someone telling how he or she is beating Lyme. These stories are informative and inspiring. As one person I interviewed said, 'there is life after Lyme Disease.'"

Darryl races BMX and mountain bikes professionally and works as a stunt man in Hollywood. His story takes many dramatic twists and spills. In the years prior to being correctly diagnosed with Lyme disease, he saw 35 different doctors. During treatment he was unable to work for three years.

"I'm 100% better now," says Darryl. He is passionate about sharing his story, and dedicates himself to helping others.

Joe lives and works in Europe, though he grew up in a region of the US where Lyme disease is common. He was sick during childhood with mysterious symptoms and struggled with chronic pain many years later. Doctor after doctor refused to treat him for Lyme. Chronic pain nearly drove him to suicide during the roughest time, a period of six years. His symptoms subsided after he found treatment at a German Lyme clinic.

The Lyme Success Stories series is available at the LDRD web site, a reliable resource for people affected by Lyme disease. In addition to success stories, the LDRD also offers audio interviews with Lyme specialists and researchers such as Dr. Raphael Stricker, Ginger Savely, RN, and Dr. Alan MacDonald, discussing Lyme disease symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

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