The Gangsters Have Spoken - Omerta to Reset Multiple Major Versions Today

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Omerta Game LTD have announced the first round of Reset-o-Meter determined resets for their popular browser-based gangster MMORPG, Omerta. Players have used the Reset-o-Meter to reset 3 separate versions in one day, including the massively popular Dutch and International versions of the game.

Using the Reset-o-Meter, gangsters across the world have spoken - the Dutch, International .COM, and Portuguese versions of Omerta are resetting today.

Mafia MMO players use the clever "Reset-o-Meter" to play at their own pace.

Ever since 1930's gangster MMO, Omerta launched in 2003, players have enjoyed near complete control over the ebb-and-flow of the game. When a dominant family topples all competition through heated negotiations and going to war with their rivals, the devs at Omerta Game LTD prepare a reset and a new version is launched.

After 9 years of success with this formula, this January saw the players given even more control over how the streets of Omerta are run, thanks to the introduction of the new Reset-o-Meter.

Using the Reset-o-Meter, gangsters across the world have spoken - the Dutch, International .COM, and Portuguese versions of Omerta are resetting today.

“We're resetting 3 versions of Omerta in one day!”, shrieked a hurried Bianca Evers, community manager for Omerta, “But the best thing about it is that we KNOW the players want the resets. In the past we have had to reset versions to rebalance the power - particularly if a family becomes too strong and muscles everybody else out of the game. As you can imagine, this approach pleases some and annoys others - but this time it's the players who have voted for the resets, so we're confident the time is right”.

The Reset-o-Meter allows players to vote for a reset at any time they wish. Players can cast one vote per week on whether Omerta should reset or not. If the voting is in favour of a reset, the version will be declared over and will relaunch the following week. Players of the International, Dutch and Portuguese versions of Omerta are the first to use this system to decide they're ready for a reset.

“We're always trying to give the players as much control over their game as possible”, commented Omerta Game LTD CEO, Steve Biddick, “Sure, we hold the servers and keep the game running, but we're just the Lackeys to the Dons playing Omerta at the end of the day. The Reset-o-Meter puts the life-span of a version in the hands of the players, letting them decide exactly when a game ends and a new one starts. If they say 3 versions must be reset – then 3 versions must be reset! Only a fool disagrees with a gangster, and I don't like the thought of sleeping with the fishes.”

The International, Dutch and Portuguese versions of Omerta are resetting today.

Omerta is completely free-to-play, only requires a modest PC with an internet connection, and is currently available in 28 different languages.

Register for the International version of Omerta here: [
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Players can also register and login using their Facebook details:

About Omerta
Omerta has been online since 2003 and can rightfully claim to be the 'Godfather of all Mafia games' – and the longest-established and biggest free-to-play, massively multi-player gangster game on the web, having already achieved a number of impressive milestones including over 4 million individual registrations.

Omerta began in 2003 as an amateur project, in a bedroom in Groningen, the Netherlands.
Omerta Game Ltd was founded in 2004 to manage and further develop Omerta. It now boasts full-time staff situated in numerous offices across the world – from Eastern Asia to Western Europe – as well as global network of over 200 volunteers.

Omerta is available in 28 languages. Regional (single-language) versions are available in Dutch, French, German, Portuguese/Brazilian, Turkish and the 'Nordic' languages (Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish).

Already more than 4.1 million people have played Omerta, with more than 80'000 players logging in every day to live the life of a Mafia don.

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