Matt Bacak Bucking a Disturbing Trend and Actually Paying His Affiliates on Time

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Affiliate marketers who are tired of waiting for their commissions will be pleased to learn that not all Internet marketers are created equal. In an effort to distance himself from the slow- or even non-paying reputation of his competitors, Matt Bacak ( has just upped the affiliate ante by switching to a two-week payout.

Matt Bacak

Call me old fashioned, but I believe it’s just plain common sense that you pay the people you owe money to, even if you have to dig into your own personal savings to do so.

The word on the internet marketing street is painting a pretty unattractive picture of several big-name Internet marketers these days. Affiliates of some of the most recognizable Internet marketing hotshots have begun making public waves over the fact that they’re not being paid their commissions on time … if at all. Internet marketing legend, Matt Bacak is bucking that disturbing trend by keeping all his affiliates fully up to date on the monies owed to them for their well-deserved efforts.

In fact, Matt Bacak isn’t just paying his affiliates on time. He’s actually breaking the 30-day-out mold and establishing a new industry precedent. From here on out, his affiliates can expect to be paid every two weeks, like clockwork. They’ll receive 50 percent of their commissions in two weeks, and then the rest of those commissions will be paid out to them two weeks later. This new payment structure ensures they have a constant stream of cash coming in to meet their own financial obligations.

What’s got Bacak’s competitors so backed up on their commission payments? One thing’s for sure: They can’t blame it on the economy. “Here's the funny thing about our business: In spite of the worldwide recession, we’re making more money than ever before,” explains Bacak. “Many of the Internet marketers I know are releasing record-breaking numbers, and launch records are toppling left and right.”

So with more money at Internet marketers’ disposal than ever before, why is it like pulling teeth for their affiliates to get paid? The painfully honest answer is that these late-paying marketers simply don't know how to act responsibly. They’re blowing all the cash on everything from traveling around the world, to buying expensive bottles of wine, to purchasing new cars, to funding other projects. And they’re enjoying this good life with money that rightfully belongs to their affiliates.

Nothing riles up Bacak more than such blatantly irresponsible behavior. “I personally have over $170 in affiliate commissions owed to me ... but that doesn’t give me the right to turn around and not pay my own affiliates. Affiliates are the oxygen of this business. Without them, none of us would survive. Call me old fashioned, but I believe it’s just plain common sense that you pay the people you owe money to, even if you have to dig into your own personal savings to do so.”

And to ensure he doesn’t get lumped in with his peers who are living large on money that isn’t legitimately theirs, Bacak has established a new industry precedent when it comes to paying his affiliates. “Effective immediately, we have decided to move to a two-week payout from here on out so our affiliates get their money like clockwork every fourteen days.”

For more information on Matt Bacak’s new affiliate payment schedule, contact Tamara Smith at (770) 623-3008. To learn more about how to become one of his paid-timely affiliates, visit Bacak online at


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