Rolex & Warren Buffet: Which Rolex does The Oracle of Omaha Prefer?

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Does Warren Buffet, The Richest Man In the World According To Forbes Magazine, Wear A Rolex Datejust or a Rolex President?

Forbes magazine recently released its annual list of billionaires showing that Warren Buffett is the nation's richest man. Though Mr. Buffett is among the world's wealthy elite, his choice in a trusty timepiece is nothing less than the best, an 18K Rolex Datejust. In fact Buffett, has worn the same 18k gold Rolex Datejust, also known as the Rolex President, since the first day it was purchased. This is the same man that made his entire fortune through smart investments thus proving the genius behind investing in a luxury Rolex.

Warren Buffet's career began by delivering newspapers as a little boy. He filed his first tax return at age 13, claiming a $35 deduction for his bicycle. After studying under value investing guru Benjamin Graham at Columbia, he took over textile firm Berkshire Hathaway in 1965 and built it into a financial powerhouse. Today, the Berkshire-Hathaway holding company is invested in insurance (Geico, General Re), utilities (MidAmerican Energy), and food (Dairy Queen, See's Candies). Moreover, Buffet has noncontrolling stakes in Anheuser-Busch, Coca-Cola, and Wells Fargo while his insurance operations flourished in 2007.

In light of his actions, statements, and career success, it makes perfect sense that Warren Buffet would choose to wear an 18k Rolex Datejust. Of course, as the richest man in the world, he could afford any watch on the market. Certain luxury watches are sold for over $100,000 dollars, but such an expense and extravagance would not jibe with Buffet's natural personality, as a tried-and-true Nebraskan. Instead, Mr. Buffett chooses to wear a quality and reliable watch with a reputation of precision and performance. In addition, the consistent donation of Rolex's profits to charity and sporting events through the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation appears to be in perfect sync with Warren Buffet's personal track record of charitable donations. Mr. Buffet permanently earmarked the majority of his Berkshire shares to charity in 2007 and 2008, largely to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, an international organization aiming to increase access to healthcare and eliminating adverse poverty worldwide. The gift was valued at $31 billion on the day of announcement, but the donation will far exceed that sum so long as Berkshire shares continue to rise.

Mr. Buffett's Datejust was introduced in 1945; the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust is Rolex's main flagship model wristwatch and is the best selling luxury wristwatch in history. Today, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust is one of the most popular models among both men and women. People simply love its accuracy as a date displaying model. At midnight, the Rolex calendar automatically jumps to the next date. There is no better way to wake than knowing that a Rolex is by one's side, ready to go, and giving accurate time. Since the richest man in the world wears a Rolex Datejust, shouldn't all value investors consider wearing one too?

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