Mindmapping Gets In Line -- ThoughtOffice Innovation Software Simplifies Business Brainstorming, Makes for Accurate Idea Translation

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Mindmapping, the popular business brainstorming solution, is a great way to help visualize ideas. But Mind Mapping's hub and spoke model can lead to confusion during the hand-off to other team members. ThoughtOffice, the Associative Brainstorming solution, narrows the creativity to productivity gap.

The rise of Mindmapping as the most prominent visual business brainstorming technology has solved many problems in helping to clarify ideas. But in the wake of this growth a challenge has developed: how to decipher mind maps once handed-off to team members. ThoughtOffice has solved this problem by organizing the thought process into linear visual storyboards. These storyboards, rich with associative thinking elements, images, links and fonts make the idea hand-off much more elegant, increasing the creativity to productivity.

"We are firm believers in the associative thinking process, and providing visuals to help support idea generation" comments Mark Alan Effinger, CEO of ThoughtOffice. "The greatest challenge we've seen in corporations using mindmaps is that the visual display often lacks the critical PROCESS that helps bring an idea to light for team members. It can be spaghetti code to those who were not present in the mind mapping session. The ThoughtOffice software suite tackles that head-on by ordering the graphical elements in such a way that anyone can follow each step in the process. Simple. Clean. Natural."

The ThoughtOffice product line consists of three elements that support and accelerate the brainstorming process:

1) ThoughtOffice Idea Organizer that provides a palette and outlining solution to arrange each entry in a Brainstorming Session.

2) 17 Expert Business Topic Modules provide hundreds to thousands of systematic questions developed by industry leaders. These questions stimulate the mind and help drill-down on problems and ideas. Advertising, Marketing, Conflict Resolution, Speech and Screen Writing, and a host of other critical business issues are addresses in individual modules.

3) The IdeaBrowser Associative Thinking program. This interface provides 9,523,680 million words, phrases, hypernyms, definitions and word associations to trigger and help drive the creative process. In addition, the program also delivers unlimited photo images to add visual elements to each Brainstorming Session entry. JPEG images can also be imported from the users hard drive.

The three elements comprise a complete brainstorming and problem solving solutions. By selecting questions, adding creative content and combining and organizing the results, the ThoughtOffice program promises to take complex, many-threaded ideas and clarify them in easy to understand, organized processes.

"We've been teaching and creating brainstorming, creativity and problem solving since 1983, starting with flashcards and then leveraging the processes with the classic IdeaFisher software application" says David Lockman, Product Specialist for ThoughtOffice. "We have seen our clients, from startups and sole practitioners to the Fortune 5000, gain immediate results from our programs combination of wildly creative associative thinking processes combined with the visual outlining and presentation process. With version 2.0 about to be released, we believe we've created a true partner to visual mindmap users."

The ThoughtOffice Innovation software suite is available today from the ThoughtOffice web site and through various resellers and affiliates. Starting at $97, the program can be custom designed to solve any combination of challenges by the user by adding Expert Topic Modules as needed. The modules range in price from $25 to $49 each, or discounted in bundles.

About Thoughtoffice:
ThoughtRod.com is the strategic development channel for ThoughtOffice programs. The company was founded in 2004 by a former Inc. 500 company executive and nine-time serial entrepreneur, Mark Alan Effinger. ThoughtOffice leverages Internet and software applications into "Rich Content", the valuable output of ideas and "individual intellect" turned into useful products and services. ThoughtOffice is the result of years of research into the creative process. The company can be reached on the web at http://www.ThoughtRod.com, or by calling 360-450-6888.


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