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The original Online Alarm Clock company has added another fun new online clock to their website: the Morse Code Alarm Clock.

The Morse Code Alarm Clock, like all of's free online time tools, is simple, useful and fun to use, combining utility with a strong sense of playfulness and novelty. Samuel F. B. Morse, who created Morse Code back in the 1840s, surely never expected his invention to later turn up as a playful online alarm clock. But it's true: the familiar sonic code of dots and dashes originally designed to be used on the telegraph can now be seen and used on the internet as an online Morse Code Alarm Clock.

Instead of being primarily rhythmic in nature, the Morse Code displayed on the online alarm clock website is primarily visual. The dots and dashes (sometimes referred to as "dits" and "dahs" by Morse Code buffs in the know) originally designed to be tipped out as sounds using a telegraph key are now represented by red circles and short lines on the website.

Why has Online Clock chosen to use Morse Code as the basis of their newest Online Alarm Clock?

When asked why he created the Morse Code Clock,'s creator Tom Churm replied, "Online Clock has a lot of respect for Morse Code, which has now been in use for over 160 years. The great thing about Morse Code is that it's a method of using coded communication which is pretty easily understandable by humans without any kind of decoding device. In this way, it represents a highly effective interplay of technology and humanity. We at hope to be just as effective in making our various online clocks and time tools as easily understandable and usable by our human audience."

Though originally designed to be used in radio signals and for via the telegraph, Morse Code is not restricted to use in an audio format. It's well known that maritime cultures and the American Navy still use Morse Code to communicate sometimes while seeking to retain radio silence. Morse Code communication occurs on ships in the form of using signal lights to "tap out" the code in the form of light communication. In this manner, Online Clock's Morse Code Alarm Clock is not the first example of Morse Code being communicated visually instead of aurally.

In order to make it easy for everyone to access their Morse Code Alarm function, Online Clock has placed it on a separate sub-domain:

One of the most famous uses of Morse Code in movies and popular culture has always been as a method for persons to send out an "S.O.S." message. With its growing audience of nearly two million unique visitors per month, is far removed from having to send out any kind of S.O.S. signal for its burgeoning online business, and continues instead to enjoy widespread growth.

What further new clock releases will tap out in the future?

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