New Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Promotes Therapy to Reduce Fatigue, Pain

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The website, a division of Ironclad Integrity Ltd., reveals a new therapy based on plants, vitamins and correct nutrition to reduce fatigue, pain and other MS symptoms instead of drug intake.

According to for the 2.5 million MS patients worldwide, the lack of a permanent cure for their condition is frustrating and puzzling. Conventional therapies to treat Multiple Sclerosis are based on the administration of invasive medicine carrying a plethora of side-effects as seen on

As health experts are still struggling to come up with a permanent cure for Multiple Sclerosis, each new study brings a different and unexpected piece of a mind-boggling puzzle. Multiple Sclerosis is a chronic inflammatory demyelinating disease. This means that the myelin sheaths that protect brain nerves and the spinal cord is deteriorated to the extent that the immune system sees it as a foreign mass inside the body system that needs to be eliminated.

Natural treatments for Multiple Sclerosis have become ever more appealing for MS patients since these don’t carry the hazardous side-effects of drug-based therapies and are also a lot cheaper to begin with. One of the natural treatments for Multiple Sclerosis that caught the eye of many MS patients is the one developed by Dr. Gary M. Levin, a retired M.D., surgeon and chief of his own clinic, with a reputation in the US field of medicine that long precedes him. Dr. Gary Levin has developed a natural Multiple Sclerosis Treatment based on herbal therapy, correct nutrition and an extensive regimen of vitamins which many patients say it was effective in reducing fatigue, muscle numbness, pains, vertigo and reduce the intensity of overall MS episodes.

The natural Multiple Sclerosis treatment is presented in an e-book called “Multiple Sclerosis Step-By-Step Treatment System” that explains how a simple vitamin regimen and a correct nutrition method can provide relief to MS patients. It is an alternative to drug-based therapies that has become ever more appealing, as patients have become wary of adverse drug reactions deaths and potentially permanent health damage over a long time of drug intake.

The over active immune system then causes an array of symptoms difficult to live with, without proper care. MS patients lose muscular control, feeling in nerves, sometimes can even experience cognitive changes, they constantly feel aches and pain in the body, numbness, tiredness, double vision, vertigo and so on. The common way to deal with these symptoms has been so far the administration of powerful drugs. But while drugs such as interferonbeta-1 (Avonex, Rebif, CinnoVex, ReciGen and Betaseron), Copaxone, Novantrone, Tysabri, Gilenya and Aubagio can provide temporary relief, in the long term these carry a list of side-effects that vary from skin reactions to liver damage and more.

Dr. Gary M. Levin is an authority in the US field of medicine with a career and expertise in the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis that has him stand out of the crowd. The natural treatment he has developed for Multiple Sclerosis was extensively researched to make sure every step is safe and beneficial for the MS patient. The website he has developed for MS patients strives to help them understand better their condition and teach them how to handle it, by providing expert advice and accurate information.

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