New Hockey Website Hopes to Score with Fans and Pro Teams

Share Article is a ground-breaking website designed to provide the ultimate web experience for NHL hockey fans. With innovative real-time charts and dozens of widgets tracking different hockey themes in an interactive layout, the site takes scores & stats to the next level. Built on 30 years of research, three new statistics have been developed that will revolutionize hockey: PS, MAX, and INT. These stats will help fans better understand player and team performances in a simple and reliable way. was designed as a daily one-stop shop for fans, media, scouts and professionals to quickly get game scores as well as their favourite player and team stats. Membership is free and users will gain deeper insights into why teams win and players succeed in an easy to understand format.

One-Stop Shop for Scores & Stats

We tried to combine the functionality of Google, the sharing of Facebook, the personalization of MySpace, and the real-time stats of with our exclusive PowerScout stats to create the ultimate web experience for every hockey fan.

PowerScout Sports Inc. is pleased to announce that will go live at 12pm EST on October 7th, 2010. The founders are hoping to score with hockey fans who will experience a site that will revolutionize hockey this season and beyond, all at no charge and with no obligations or advertisements.

"After three decades of research and two years of web development, we believe that this site will be a game-changer in how hockey fans and professionals follow their favourite NHL teams and players," says President Terry Appleby who developed the PowerScout system of statistics.

He claims that what truly makes PowerScout stand apart is its innovative real-time game charts that measure "Team Intensity" and "Goaltender Performance." The site will also launch with 23 widgets that will track themes like "Best Special Teams", "Hardest Working Teams" and "Best Line-Ups."

The visionary behind the much-anticipated website is Marc Appleby, co-founder and VP of Marketing who explains: "We tried to combine the functionality of Google, the sharing of Facebook, the personalization of MySpace, and the real-time stats of with our exclusive PowerScout tools to create the ultimate web experience for every hockey fan."

The following video provides a preview of the site's innovative widget-based drag & drop design:

There are widgets for every fan like "Best Games to Watch" for NHL Center Ice subscribers, "All-Time Greats" for historians, "Streaks & Trends" for fantasy/pool junkies, "Team Effort" for journalists, and "Team Success Factors" that even the most demanding NHL general managers will appreciate.

Members will benefit from:

  •     Getting scores faster and easier than any other sites
  •     Enjoying live games more than ever using PowerScout's real-time Intensity and Goalie charts
  •     Customizing their home page to track only the hockey themes they want
  •     Following their favourite NHL team with unprecedented details
  •     Knowing who are the best players/teams with easy-to-interpret graphs and dashboards
  •     Evaluating players, trades and draft picks with more accuracy than ever before
  •     Making better predictions of player talent and team performance

At the core of is the introduction of three revolutionary stats: PS, MAX, and INT, that Terry and Marc believe will help fans understand why good teams are winning hockey games in a simple, accurate and reliable way.

PS stands for 'Point Shares' and measures directly what share of a team's points were earned in the standings by that player alone.

MAX stands for 'Maximum Point Shares' and measures a player's point shares if he played the maximum amount of time allowed (i.e., 60 minutes a game). This provides an easy way to compare players regardless of position or role.

INT stands for 'Team Intensity' and measures in real-time how hard a team is working, making it easy to chart and record every game's momentum changes.

"Currently, 99% of fans use goals and assists to evaluate players," says Terry. "In my research, I found that goals and assists aren't equal as the scoring race suggests and they don't account for the 'little things' a player does offensively and defensively to help his team win. We combine 18 different player statistics into a single stat called MAX and update it every day."

The PowerScout system is based on analyzing over 14,000 games, 12,000 skaters and 28,000 goaltending performances since 1997. Terry has done extensive research into all aspects of hockey through which he also proved the following:

1.    Different skills are important at different positions;
2.    Not every position has the same importance to winning; and,
3.    Every player statistic can be expressed in terms of team wins.

Through Terry's work, the PowerScout system answers some of hockey's toughest questions such as:

The website also promises to provide cutting-edge tools like their "TradeMaker" which will evaluate trades involving up to 8 players on six criteria: MAX, PS, team speed, team toughness, team defence, and salary.

"Never before has it been easier to evaluate a trade and assess its impacts on both teams," explains Terry. "This is more than a fantasy tool, it is designed with professional teams in mind as a valuable way to assess the true cost/benefit of every trade they are considering."

Most of the content being launched on October 7th is free for all users, forever. An additional nine widgets are scheduled for release in November and December and will be free until January 2011.

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