Mind Machines Technology Enhances Peak Performance Sports Focus Training For Olympic Athletes Helping To Bring Home Over 40 Medals

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Rayma Ditson-Sommer, Ph.D Employs Mind Machines Brainwave Entrainment Technology For Focus Training of Winning Olympic Athletes

Sports Focus Training Equipment

Sports Focus Training Equipment

I really think the big story is the group I see and work with: Olympians, pre-Olympians and younger swimmers who will be in the Rio Olympics. The fact that they all work together in the same way using the same materials and protocols is amazing.

Dr. Rayma Ditson-Sommer, Ph.D uses binaural beat brainwave entrainment to enhance peak performance training of Olympic athletes. Her latest training system for sports focus training is called the VIT for Sports System which combines chromotherapy and binaural beat audio.

Rayma Ditson-Sommer, Ph.D., and the Arizona Training Center have been working with Olympians since 1996. According to Dr. Sommer: "The overall goal was the development of a relaxation response in each athlete with the addition of synchrony training. In this way the door to the zone was easily accessed and the key to this door found through synchrony."

The Arizona Training Center’s first referral was Gary Hall, Jr. The Olympic Games in Atlanta were fast approaching and athletes were busy training to be selected for the Olympic team. Dr. Ditson-Sommer began working with Gary Hall, Jr. to train his brain to function in the right hemisphere while competing. Daily training exercises were selected. Learning positive affirmations, disregarding fears and other peak performance goals were rehearsed and learned. In Atlanta, Gary won four medals: two Gold Medals (the 400 meter medley set a world record) and two Silver Medals. The next Olympics brought more Gold Medals and several Silvers. In 2004 Gary Hall, Jr. won more medals to continue an illustrious career.

Attaining an edge in performance becomes vital upon arrival. Experiencing no jet lag and able to begin training days ahead of other teams is an immediate advantage. With the London 2012 Games less than two weeks away athletes mental training becomes a ‘way of life’ for travel, sleep, focus and performance readiness. Daily usage involving training sessions in visualization and imagery with an individual protocol are specifically created for each athlete. GSR biofeedback is used to record data on each individual, giving athletes reference points for improvement. Most of the athletes are able to keep their mental states at a synchronous level, ready for competition, for as long as thirty minutes per session. This enables each athlete the ability to attain a specific performance level at will. Focus training assists athletes to function at peak performance whenever necessary taking in account differing time zones, performance times and designated rest and sleep times in their schedules.

Athletes receiving sports focus training through the Arizona Training Center utilize ten downloadable binaural beat audio sessions that are related to a specific color, with six various color lenses. Combining binaural beat frequencies and color while having a designated goal in mind is proving successful for producing maximum results.

Looking after the 2012 Olympics in London, Dr. Ditson-Sommer observes: "I really think the big story is the group I see and work with: Olympians, pre-Olympians and younger swimmers who will be in the Rio Olympics. The fact that they all work together in the same way using the same materials and protocols is amazing. It depicts the skyping I do with all levels and the in-office training they get no matter what level. It really shows the spirit of sports. Many of the Olympians are from other countries yet know and support the younger ones!"

Dr. Rayma Ditson-Sommer's Vibro-Neuro Integration Technologies (VIT™) are the combined influences of vibration from sound, color and touch on the mind and body connection. This non-invasive approach utilizes specific color lenses and binaural beats to stimulate the brain for better function in situations of challenge. VIT™ was developed by Rayma Ditson-Sommer, Ph.D. after many years of research. By using binaural beats related to certain brain waves, chromotherapy (color) lenses and defined homeopathic chakra aqueous color solutions, positive results are evident.

Vibro-Neuro Integration has been successful with Olympians and professional athletes. Since the 1996 Atlanta Games over 40 medals have been won by Olympians using Dr. Rayma Ditson-Sommer's focus training systems. For more information about the VIT sports focus training systems visit MindMachines.com.

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