Radionics Debuts New Educational Column Dedicated To Orgone Generators and Radionic Orgonite

Share Article launches educational column on radionic orgonite and the use of orgone generators announces new educational resource dedicated to orgone generators and the use of orgonite in radionics. This new online education portal features in-depth articles on radionics and related topics such as orgonite, the orgone generator, manifestation and radionics software programs. In addition to articles numerous tutorials and instructional videos are slated to provide an online learning experience for radionics students and enthusiasts. A discussion form is also planned to be launched in Q4 2012.

“Radionics is an deep subject full of nuance and interpretation. It is our desire to provide practical and accurate information that is free of smoke and mirrors. We aim to pull back the curtain on the somewhat secretive discipline of radionics and expose the secrets, techniques and methods that can lead a practitioner to ultimate success. Take for example the study of orgonite and its many uses, many people have heard the word but do they know that most of what is called orgonite is not the genuine article? Orgonite was invented by Karl Hans Welz in 1992 and only his companies, HSCTI (Hyperspace Communications Technology International) and BEC (Bio Energy Corporation) make genuine orgonite.”, says Mike Devino, radionics master at and orgone energy evangelist.

Radionics is the discipline of action at a distance using scientific methods. It is an approach to manifestation that shares many similarities with the Law of Attraction (LOA) as described in the mainstream media. Radionics differs from the standard use of the LOA in that it utilizes the orgone generator to generate life force energy, also known as chi, prana and life force. This energy is then directed to the purpose of manifestation to accelerate the results far beyond the standard use of the Law of Attraction mental discipline alone. is an online information and education portal dedicated to the study of orgone energy, orgonite, radionics and manifestation. For more information about them visit their website at

Karl Hans Welz is the inventor of the orgonite material and is widely regarded as “The Father or Orgone Radionics. He has been inventing and building orgone generator devices since 1992 and currently heads both the HSCTI and BEC manufacturing operations and companies.

Radionics Box is the leading North American distributor for Hyperspace Communications Technologies International (HSCTI). HSCTI is owned by Karl Hans Welz the inventor of the orgone radionics machine and the orgonite material. Radionics Box also develops radionics software programs for Karl Welz including Manifestation Pro 2012, Super Manifestation Ultimate 2.0 2012 and several others. For more information visit their website at

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