The Pimsleur Approach: Review Examining Paul Pimsleur's Language Program Released

Share Article releases a review of The Pimsleur Approach, a program that promises to help people learn a new language without the need to spend hundreds of dollars on language software or language classes.

Pimsleur Approach Review

Pimsleur Approach Review

Paul Pimsleur, a scholar in the field of applied linguistics who developed The Pimsleur Approach claims ten days is more than enough to learn how to converse in a new language regardless of the amount of knowledge that one has about it. This program that gives one the chance to speak in a foreign tongue with a minimal time investment of 30 minutes a day for ten days has caught the attention of's Stan Stevenson, prompting an investigative review.

"According to The Pimsleur Approach, the best way to learn a new language is through hearing and participation, which is actually how little children acquire a second or third language," reports Stevenson. "The program strips people of all the preconceptions about learning language and takes a simpler yet more effective approach. This really simple, but very effective method has been purchased by the FBI and recommended by Forbes, PBS, and other companies because of its effectiveness"

The Pimsleur Approach review shows it is comprised of audio lessons that last for 30 minutes a day over a period of ten days. It aims to give users the basic words and building blocks of a foreign language. Through listening and participation, students can then use those simple words to express thoughts as well as pick up the correct accent – much like how children learn language, except that adults have a more developed faculty for learning foreign languages. The program helps its students learn the foundations of a particular language, which is the most important, but also the hardest thing to establish. Fluency can be developed later through vocabulary building and other exercises.

"The Pimsleur Approach brings you as close to the effect of long term immersion in as short as ten days. All you need to do is to listen to the audio recordings for 30 minutes a day, during the recommended 10-day period," says Stevenson. "However, the program does not claim that you will become fluent in a foreign language within that time period. What the program guarantees is that it will serve as the first step towards being able to use conversational language."

"The Pimsleur Approach is an incredible opportunity to learn a new language with minimal investment in money, time, and effort. The program is certainly worth a second look for someone who wants to speak a foreign language in no time. Available in 16 languages, with the CDs being delivered free of charge, the price is actually surprisingly low for the level of education it promises to provide. One can learn a foreign language quickly and simply for only $9.95 per language."

Those wishing to purchase The Pimsleur Approach, or for more information, click here.

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