Ant Shredder Kills Ants in New Ways and is a New Natural Ant Treatment Product from Planet Amazing

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Planet Amazing's environmentally friendly microcrystals non-toxic treatment is effective on the epidemic of fire ants in the Southern United States, as well as for killing black ants, carpenter ants, Argentine ants, harvester ants, sugar ants, leafcutter ants and brown ants.

Ant Shredder Ant Control

Ant Shredder Ant Control

The biggest mistake is to leave food and garbage out where ants can find it.

According to researcher Justin Douglas of Planet Amazing, microcrystals were originally used by farmers to protect their crops, having been developed by scientists as a non-toxic way to treat ant and other bug infestation problems. Now Planet Amazing has a new product for treating ant infestations and killing ants.

Ants are common and cause problems for people in every part of the world. Planet Amazing has a new report that points out the best ways to get rid of ants indoors. Different types of ants come indoors to forage for food, but some species of ants will make their home indoors, says new report. There are many suggestions floating around on the internet that should be avoided, says Justin Douglas of Planet Amazing, because most of them involve poisons.

"The Planet Amazing treatment is non-toxic and safe for plants, humans and pets, and it works great to get rid of ants," says Mr. Douglas. "But you still should use some wisdom in preventative measures, such as making sure that there is no food left out. Sealing entrances to your home is also advised, such as putting caulk around windows and weather stripping on doors. Windows and doors are the two main places where ants first enter your home. With Ant Shredder from Planet Amazing you can kill ants naturally and safely, all kinds of ants, indoor ants and outdoor ants, says the report."

The report says that keeping food sealed up or refrigerated, and trash emptied regularly, is important for getting rid of ants indoors. The long marching lines that ants form when they are foraging can be lightly dusted with the Ant Shredder powder from Planet Amazing, and if you know where the ant colony is actually living, dusting it with powder is an effective strategy. "Follow the instructions that come with Ant Shredder and you will be OK," says Mr. Douglas. "The Ant Shredder powder will not hurt anyone or any pet, just the ants. But most of the other products out there, even borax and other solutions, can have poisonous effects with children and pets, so it is important to avoid these if possible. That is why we have brought this fantastic non-toxic ant treatment solution to the market."

He says the ants affected by Ant Shredder are:

  • Fire ants
  • Black ants
  • Carpenter ant
  • Argentine ants
  • Harvester ants
  • Sugar ants
  • Leafcutter ants
  • Brown ants
  • White ants
  • Ants with wings
  • Tiny ants
  • Tree ants
  • Garden ants

For those people who are looking for how to kill ants and ways to kill ants in the house, all types of ants can be eliminated with Ant Shredder, says Mr. Douglas. Getting rid of ants naturally can be achieved with the Ant Shredder product.

For more information, visit the Ant Shredder ant control website.

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