Pay Per Click Advertising Revealed As Fastest Way To Generate Leads

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Pay Per Click management company Webrageous confirms research that shows Pay Per Click Advertising is the fastest way to generate leads.

Pay per click is always touted as being the more costly method of generating leads,” Mr. Chapman said. “In fact, SEO can be extraordinarily costly for businesses and take far, far longer to see results.

Pay per click management company Webrageous can confirm that pay per click advertising is twice as fast at generating leads as search engine optimization (SEO).

This backs up research by software company Wordstream that shows that clicks on paid search listings on Google were twice that of organic clicks (on commercial searches). The analysis showed paid results represented 64.6% of clicks on search engine results, while organic clicks represented just 35.4%.

The research by Webrageous, that pay per click is faster at generating leads, disputes a survey by online agency Webmarketing123, which says that SEO is more effective at generating leads than pay per click, while social marketing is on par with paid advertising. The results stemmed from a survey of 500 B2B and B2C marketers.

Webrageous Director of Marketing David Chapman said the latest research by Webmarketing123 failed to take one very important thing into account.

“Pay per click advertising will only be effective if a marketer’s campaigns are well managed,” Mr. Chapman said. “If a pay per click campaign is not effectively managed, then it is missing out on leads that are there for the taking.

“The analysis by Wordstream proves that paid search advertising is twice as successful in receiving clicks as organic search results for commercial searches. It is merely a matter of having the right team of pay per click managers to see to it that you are appearing on the first page of results.

“There is no doubt at all according to our research that pay per click advertising is the fastest way to generate leads. While it usually takes a year or more to see positive lead generating results through SEO and through social marketing, well-managed pay per click campaigns will be generating leads after just a couple of days.”

Also, while pay per click is often thought to be far more costly than SEO, Webrageous has found that this is not the case.

While it may not directly cost money to have listings appear on the organic search results pages, the amount of time and money that goes into SEO, optimizing websites and writing content that not only gets picked up by search engines but that ranks highly as well, is far more costly than pay per click advertising.

In fact, Webrageous has found that it takes 10 times as long to see the same results in SEO as in pay per click. So a pay per click campaign that is seeing positive results after one month will take 10 months with SEO and social marketing.

“Pay per click is always touted as being the more costly method of generating leads,” Mr. Chapman said. “In fact, SEO can be extraordinarily costly for businesses and take far, far longer to see results.

“But it is more than that. The leads generated through pay per click advertising are far more valuable than those of SEO and than other forms of online advertising, such as banner advertisements, since advertisers know that people searching for, and clicking on, the online advertisements are already interested in the content.”

For pay per click advertising to successfully generate leads, the advertisements and landing pages need to be well-tailored to the search queries. In order to do this, it is crucial that a qualified and experienced pay per click manager is handling the account.

“While many studies and surveys compare SEO with pay per click in terms of generating leads, they fail to look at whether the marketers are managing their own campaigns or outsourcing pay per click management to experienced professionals,” Mr. Chapman said.

“Achieving success through pay per click takes time and skill. While many online advertisers attempt to manage their own pay per click campaigns, it takes specialized pay per click marketing managers to achieve the best results in a campaign.”

For more information about the research and about pay per click management company Webrageous, visit the company website at If you would like to organize an interview with David Chapman, please call 530-553-1111.

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