Airshirz® Pneumatic Scissors for Quick, Precise Tendon Removal from Pork Hind Feet

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Air-powered scissors enable processors to remove contaminated tendons, saving the hocks for sale instead of discarding them.

AirShirz® pneumatic scissors from Bettcher Industries are the ideal tool for removing tendons from pork hocks (hind feet). The scissors' unique air-powered design gives pork processors a quick and controlled alternative to discarding the hind feet due to rail contamination.

In most operations, the hind feet of the pig have typically had to be discarded. During the dressing stage, the skin is cut, tendons exposed and a gambrel is inserted in order to support the hanging carcass. Once the skin is cut, contamination is introduced and the feet must then be discarded. According to John Anstead, applications specialist, the AirShirz® scissors allow processors to easily remove the contaminated tendon from the foot. As a result, the rear feet can be saved, and valued at a price of $0.28/lb. (USDA Market Sheet price as of 5/07/09).

Only AirShirz® pneumatic scissors deliver the power and precision that enable tendon removal - especially compared to the inefficiency, imprecision and labor-intensive cutting procedure when using alternative tools such as manual scissors or a straight knife.

In contrast to manual methods, AirShirz® provides total control over blade speed and movement, reducing the incidence of a poor cut and preventing accidents. The result: far better visual presentation of the pork hock - and a greater monetary value for processors.

AirShirz® pneumatic scissors increase operator speed and productivity, while at the same time reducing muscle fatigue. Lightweight yet powerful, the scissors provide clean, accurate cutting of pork tendons. Yet they require 90% less muscle activity to operate. With AirShirz® scissors, major improvements have been achieved in lessening muscle fatigue, exposure to repetitive motion injuries, as well as reducing other risk factors associated with musculoskeletal disorders.

AirShirz® scissors feature an automatic spring-return action, so no effort is required to open the blades. Moreover, the pneumatic design gives the user complete control over the cutting action, thereby guarding against accidents or an inadvertent cut. A safety latch can be used to secure the blades in a locked position to enhance safety and prevent damage when not in use. The scissors use standard 80 to 120 psi compressed air.

AirShirz® pneumatic scissors utilize stainless steel blades, which can be removed in seconds and sharpened using conventional sharpening equipment.

For more information on AirShirz® scissors for pork tendon removal operations, contact Wayne Daggett at (440) 965-4422. Web site:

Established in 1944, Bettcher Industries brings more than five decades of successful innovation to the meat processing industry. The company is a leading worldwide developer and manufacturer of innovative precision cutting tools for food processing operations. Based in the United States, Bettcher Industries is an ISO 9001: 2008-certified company with direct distribution and service in 50 countries around the world.

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