Promax® Provides High Protein Energy Bars and Protein Shakes With Unbeatable Flavors

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When looking for a meal replacement or just a snack, these 20 gram protein energy bars and 33 gram protein shakes are the best on the market.


My personal favorite is the Promax Bar, and when I recommend it, the response is resoundingly positive. My clients can't believe how decadent the flavors taste, yet Promax Bars are low-fat and high protein.

As we go about our hectic lives, we put maximum effort into everything we do. From our family life to our work life to our personal life, we want to do it all and do it right. When putting forth that much effort, we expect to have nutritional choices that support those efforts. Over the last 10 years, Promax® has become the nutrition product of choice for many people, with the best tasting protein bar on the market - the Promax Bar! With an impressive 20 grams of protein per bar and a variety of deliciously rich flavors, Promax is the #1 selling energy bar at many major grocery, drugstore, and fitness chains nationwide.

Promax protein bars are such a tasty protein bar that they are winning over many consumers at gyms and fitness chains -- in addition to strong sales at grocery stores, drugstore, and convenience stores. Our lives get busier as we have more opportunities and activities than ever before. With so much going on, people want to have options when it comes to grabbing something to eat on the run that is good for you, or put another way, a nutrition alternative. And Promax fills that need.

Whether a ready-to-drink high protein shake or a good tasting high protein bar, Promax has given consumers something much healthier than candy bars to fill the void. While on the way to the gym, rushing to work or school, heading home, or picking up the kids, active consumers have a great option when it comes to grabbing a nutritional pick me up with Promax products.

Promax Bars contain whey and casein protein as two of the several high quality protein sources, and are approximately 280 calories. The creators of Promax designed the bars to have the carbohydrates necessary for both immediate and sustained energy. Promax Bars also contain Antioxidant Vitamins A, C, and E that help provide immune protection and defense. "I've been a fitness trainer for over a decade and one of the biggest complaints I get about diet and nutrition is that my clients can't find an energy bar they like," states Sonya Roosendahl, a Beverly Hills celebrity trainer. "My personal favorite is the Promax Bar, and when I recommend it, the response is resoundingly positive. My clients can't believe how decadent the flavors taste, yet Promax Bars are low-fat and high protein."

When people compare protein bars they often find Promax to be the best protein bars with the best taste. The marvelous tasting, dessert like flavors of the Promax Nutrition™ line of products come packed with protein and nutrients. Promax bars come in a variety of 11 decadent flavors:

  •     Cookies n' Cream - tasty bits of chocolate cookies smothered in a moist yogurt coating
  •     Double Fudge Brownie - mouth-watering layers of double-rich chocolate fudge
  •     Nutty Butter Crisp - crispy, peanut-buttery goodness laced with chocolate
  •     Black Forest Cake - rich, decadent chocolate cake flavor layered with cherry filling
  •     Chocolate Mint - chocolate surrounding cool, refreshing mint
  •     Chocolate Peanut Crunch - rich milk chocolate and crunchy roasted peanuts
  •     Honey Peanut - fresh-roasted peanuts and golden honey, all wrapped in a creamy yogurt coating
  •     Lemon Bar - tangy-sweet lemony refreshment
  •     Chocolate Chip Cookie - delectable chocolaty cookie goodness

Promax Triple Layer Bars are available in:

  •     Caramel Peanut - chunky peanut butter center blanketed by delicious caramel and surrounded by mouth-watering milk chocolate.
  •     Coconut Caramel - shredded coconut core under layers of delicious caramel and enveloped by rich dark chocolate

Since 1996, Promax Nutrition Corporation has produced healthy and delicious energy bars, and has recently expanded into delicious all natural protein shakes - the Promax Protein Shake. Promax also recently introduced the first high protein, all natural, calorie-controlled energy bar - the Promax 70 Calorie Bar. Now people have the option of grabbing a protein shake after a workout, having a full size all natural energy bar as a meal replacement, and a low calorie, "snack size" bar to fill the void between meals. "We are committed to continuing to develop and offer unique, convenient and portable nutritional products that help active consumers achieve their goal of a healthy and fit lifestyle," states David Weinberg, Promax Vice President of Marketing.

For more information on Promax Bars, or to obtain samples or photography, please contact Megan Brown at (323) 650-2201 or at

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