QD Syringe Systems Seeking Partnership For Revolutionary Low Dead Space Syringe

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Market Disrupting Low Dead Space Syringes capable of maximizing delivery of Vacccine Doses

Revolutionary Low Dead Space Syringe System, from complete Vaccine Vial Emptying to Vaccine Delivery Saving Critical Doses of Life Saving Vaccines

"The QD Syringe is able to reduce the dead space in all steps of delivering vaccines to individuals, leaving a mere 18 microliters or less behind. This significantly reduces the loss of vaccines during each step of delivering a dose, saving millions of lives and dollars annually.

QD Syringe Systems, LLC. is readying to launch a redesigned fully functional low dead space syringe, the Quick Draw Syringe ("QD Syringe"). The QD Syringe is a groundbreaking medical product that is the next generation of low dead space disposable syringes with detachable needles. This eco-friendly syringe is an easier, safer alternative for medical professionals to use than the outdated and sometimes hazardous and wasteful syringes currently available. QD Syringe is simple – open the package and it’s fully functional.

With President Biden's decision to use the Defense Production Act to produce more low dead space syringes, QD Syringe Systems is looking to commit to a partnership with a pharmaceutical or syringe manufacturing company that can navigate the process through FDA clearance to mass production molding to help fulfill the global demand of orders QD Syringe Systems is receiving daily.

“There are billions of detachable high dead space steel draw needles floating around hospitals. Detachable steel draw needles are dangerous, wasteful and a high liability risk product. The low dead space QD Syringe is the next generation solution of safer and more effective syringes because it’s fully functional and eliminates dangerous and less functional draw needles,” says Christopher Green, CEO and founder of QD Syringe Systems.

Worldwide, basic syringes haven’t had a design change in decades and while they work, they aren’t as effective as they could be. The basic Luer Lock syringe is essentially dependent on two needles with hubs, one to draw the medication into its chamber and the second to deliver the medication to its intended target.

Current basic syringes waste costly medications, often leaving up to 84 microliters of residual medication volume in the syringe tip and hub after patient delivery, up to 42 microliters in its draw needle and up to 42 microliters left in the vial within the groove of the internal rubber stopper. This means it is possible to waste up to 168 microliters of expensive life saving vaccines/medication. With the Glyflo Technology™, the QD syringe has a uniquely patented cone-shaped tip with channels which allows the QD Syringe to extract all of the medication necessary from rubber stopper vials that may be hidden in the rubber stopper groove and to deliver that costly vaccine to patients effectively. In comparison to current syringes, this Glyflo Technology™ is able to reduce the dead space, leaving a mere 18 microliters or less behind. This significantly reduces wasted vial and draw needle medication, saving millions of lives and dollars annually.

Green adds, “Our team has also created the Quick Draw Low Dead Space Blunt Plastic Cannula with dual channel draw down tip (Acrylic and BPA Free) which allows for the universal connection to all syringes with a slip-tip or luer lock. This ensures that all vial medications, including thick medications, can be completely drawn out of the vial where excess medication can hide within the internal rubber stopper and can be efficiently and successfully administered to patients. This method prevents waste of medications and is safer for the patient as well as medical personnel.” - Learn more at: http://www.QDSyringe.com

Because of the high dead space in current basic syringes, blood can linger on the tip and inside of its hub which has been shown to encapsulate dangerous pathogens for up to six weeks. However, the QD Syringe has a blunt tip with bilateral drying channels which are open to air (like an inside out needle), causing blood not to pool but to completely dry out destroying the potential infectious pathogen which makes it much safer for medical experts and reduces the spread of infectious diseases ounce the syringe is discarded. In addition, the QD Syringe can access both pre-slit and non-pre-slit injection receptacles and assist with suture removal.

Chris Green is the sole owner of QD Syringe Systems, LLC. The company is debt free and looking to commit to a partnership with a manufacturing/pharmaceutical company that can navigate the fast track FDA approval. QD Syringe Systems has all of the designs, tooling and first stage steel molding necessary to ramp up quickly to mass production molding to fulfill the numerous orders being received.

The QD Syringe is scalable to 1ml, 3ml, 5ml, 10ml and 20ml sizes. The QD Low Dead Space Cannula is adaptable to all luer lock and luer slip tip syringes.

About QD Syringe Systems, Inc.
© 2021 QD Syringe Systems ~ The QD Syringe is a patented product registered with the U.S. Patent Office; USPTO # US9295788B2. The QD Draw Cannula is patent pending.

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