Epic Professionals Delivers Financial Freedom to the Masses by Bridging the Gap Between the Classroom and the Real World of Real Estate Investing

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Epic Professionals, an emerging leader in online real estate investing education, now provides income properties for its students to wholesale so they can experience live real estate transactions in today’s market, earn while they learn, build their own cash flow portfolio and achieve financial freedom.

If I help just one person experience the financial freedom that real estate investing has given me, it will all be worth it.

Epic Professionals, headed by full-time real estate investor and coach Matt Theriault, offers a free real estate investing course to its site’s visitors of which includes access to turn-key income properties so that they can earn while they learn wholesaling to other real estate investors. The combination of virtual education and real world application is proving to be a success as this real estate investing course is not just teaching real estate investing, it is creating real estate investors.

Matt Theriault, an entrepreneur that wears many hats of which include investor, author, coach and podcast host, committed to breaking the mold of the “real estate investing guru” in October 2007 by being direct in his communication and informing aspiring investors that although real estate provides greater access to financial freedom than any other vehicle, real estate is tough.

“To become successful in real estate investing, it will require more money than you’ll want to spend and more work than you’ll want to do. It’s not easy, but it is worth it,” says Theriault

He began investing in real estate full time just four years ago of where he quickly mastered twelve different strategies of investing in real estate with little to no money. With more than one hundred transactions under his belt, Matt owns a fourteen unit building, sixteen single family residences and is an equity owner in twenty-one more.

Theriault’s free real estate investing course reveals his first two strategies for doing deals with no money, the other ten strategies are covered inside the Epic Pro Academy at http://EpicProAcademy.com.

“I give the first two strategies away for free because they are the foundation of buying and selling real estate as a business, and aspiring investors deserve to know the truth whether they can afford it or not,” says Matt.

It’s Theriault’s belief that the more of one’s real estate investing education will come from “real world” experience than it will the classroom. In the interest of creating real estate investors, as opposed to just teaching real estate investing, Matt felt it was necessary to incorporate actual real estate transactions within his teaching.

“Many instructors, coaches and gurus will use case studies in the teaching process, but I wanted to take it one step further and incorporate the hand-holding of a student in a live transaction using an actual investment property for sale,” says Theriault. “The end result exceeded my expectations so much to the point that I’ve made the experience available to any student that has the desire to participate.”

The essence of Matt’s live teaching transactions lies in wholesaling. Wholesaling is an investing strategy where an investor buys low and sells low to another investor, typically without the wholesaler ever taking ownership of the property constituting a legitimate “no money required” transaction.

“I launched my investing career wholesaling income properties for another investor and I give that experience credit for everything I’ve been able to accomplish to this day, and I wouldn’t change it for the world,” emphatically Theriault states. “Through my free real estate investing course and the Epic Pro Academy, I’ve created the same opportunity, and more, for my students to duplicate my success by providing them with to-the-point-education and income properties to sell.”

Matt’s “earn while you learn” system compensates his students with a healthy five-figure referral fee with each successful transaction completed. Additionally, he rewards his Epic Pro Academy members for their diligence with a free cash flow income property when they complete ten transactions within any ninety day period. It’s Matt’s goal to reach, and provide a solution for, as many people as possible that ponder the question, “How much money do I need to retire?”

Theriault will never deny that there is more than one way to learn the real estate investing business, but he’s committed to teaching what he knows works... a proven method that allowed him to escape the proverbial rat race in less than four years.

Matt concluded this interview with, “If I help just one person experience the financial freedom that real estate investing has given me, it will all be worth it.”

Aspiring investors interested in learning more about Matt Theriault and his free real estate investing course can visit http://EpicProfessionals.com, or call his Los Angeles office directly at (213) 587-0084.

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