The Naked Truth About Real Estate Investing-The Reality Of Buying Rental Property Fully Exposed

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Building long term wealth through real estate is accomplished over time through hard work and seizing opportunities as they present themselves. The time to act is NOW, while there is fear in the air and blood in the street. Investing in rental property and investment is NOT for everyone. The new book, "Reality Based" Real Estate Investing, will help readers determine if buying property is right for them and will provide the framework for success.

Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, and Carlton Sheets are just a few of the real estate gurus on late night TV. Each of these individuals has produced excellent products-books, tapes, and seminars that teach about investing in real estate. Consumers will benefit from the knowledge these products impart to the reader. These experts have all been successful buying and selling real estate throughout their own careers and have valuable information to share. With the release of the new book "Reality Based" Real Estate Investing there is a new and fresh perspective which contrasts the majority of real estate books currently available today.

Not every best selling author is in the trenches on a daily basis helping others buy and sell property on a one-on-one basis. Successful investing in rental real estate demands adapting quickly to the current environment. Successful investors need to have their finger on the pulse of the marketplace at all times. Too often real estate investing has been made to look too easy and somewhat hands off. In reality, the truth is the exact opposite. People need to know that not everyone can succeed at buying and selling property. False expectations will almost always lead to failure. Investors need to hear an accurate and truthful summary of what is involved in owing rental property. It was the need for more truthful and realistic information that led to the creation of this new book.

The new book "Reality Based" Real Estate Investing by John Mazzara seeks to shortcut an investor's learning curve and provide a more realistic or "Reality Based" view on building wealth through real estate. John is an active real estate broker associate with RE/MAX Associates Plus in Edina, Minnesota and president of Venture Development-Minnesota's premier mortgage broker. John owns and manages rental property and is a real estate investor within the Twin Cities, MN. John was recently quoted in Investors Business Daily for his opinion about the current foreclosure and short sale situation as it pertains to existing homeowners. John's book brings 23 years of real life experiences from the trenches. He shares successes AND failures throughout the pages of this book. Readers will be entertained while they learn. The analysis of today's marketplace opportunities are specific to Minneapolis/St Paul and the Twin Cities metro area. The balance of the book is all about strategies and concepts that are without boundaries. This book will be of value to investors everywhere, regardless of where they live. Once they finish the book, readers will be able to determine whether or not they are suited to become real estate investors.

Unlike many books on the subject of investing in investment property, John doesn't tell the reader it's easy. In fact, he outlines the hard work in order to give a realistic summary of what to expect and what to watch out for. John shares what he perceives are the opportunities for investing in real estate TODAY. Topics covered in the book include: goal setting, tax strategies, holding period options, analysis of a property as an investment, correct property selection, geographic and demographic concerns, lease considerations, 1031 exchanging, insurance policies, options for taking title, appropriate mortgage financing, and the next steps necessary to make it all happen. In essence, a blueprint is provided with reference material that can be used over and over again.

The goal of owning real estate is to build long term wealth. We live in interesting times where our country and economy are at a crossroads. Think about the perfect storm for qualified buyers: price compression, fear, and tight mortgage loan financing. Purchase and review this book as it is a valuable and timely resource. Let "Reality Based" Real Estate Investing serve as a guide on the journey towards financial independence through investing in real estate. Carpe diem! Copies of the book can be ordered at


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