Reviews Show How The REST Report Helps Eliminate Uncertainty With Mortgage Modifications

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A new REST Review video on helps show homeowners how the REST can help them with their mortgage modification dilemmas. offers the REST Report to homeowners who are interested in applying for loan modifications, or who have already applied but are having difficulty getting their requests approved. The REST Report (Real Estate Services and Technology Report) is an analysis tool that can show the property owner what their best foreclosure alternative options are. It runs data from all available loan workout programs against the information provided by the homeowner and lets them see in just 2 to 3 days exactly which programs they qualify for.

This quick response and the accuracy for which the REST Report is known for can do a lot to eliminate the uncertainty and stress that is usually associated with applying for mortgage modifications. Although government legislation has made it mandatory for banks and lending institutions to grant modifications to qualifying loans (Financial Stability Act 2009) many homeowners still find it difficult and sometimes nearly impossible to apply for these modifications on their own.

Some homeowners don’t even know where to start when it comes to applying. They are simply not sure what the best option is for them because they don’t know what they would qualify for, if anything. Other homeowners have already applied but have been “under review” with their lenders for months, or in some cases even years. These property owners are often asked to submit and resubmit documents, but never hear back from their banks. This can be very frustrating. Some of the clients that LoanSafeMods has helped describe how they have felt that their bank’s fax machine was “hooked up to a shredder”.

Some homeowners have had their mortgage modifications turned down, but believe they should have qualified. These people often feel they have no way to challenge the decision of the lender. Others have been denied because they have “failed the ‘NPV’ test” but they don’t know why they have failed. The REST provides a solution to all these problems. In a new video review on, homeowners from different backgrounds and with different mortgage modification histories speak out about how the REST Report gave them peace of mind and helped them to finally get their modification requests processed and approved.

Ron, an EMT and single father who lives with his two children in San Diego; Crystal, another San Diego homeowner who lost her job and the support of her fiancée when he passed away; Linda, a single mother who lives in Oceanside with her little girl; and Mona and her husband, a self-employed family who was hit hard by the recession in their line of work, were all struggling to save their homes but had no success with their mortgage applications until they found the REST Report.

Mona says about the situation: “I must have faxed boxes of documents over and over and over again. Never receiving any help with any of it.”

Linda can relate. She says in her review: “It was so perplexing to me because I had enough income, I had all the criteria and they kept telling me 'You have to resubmit, it's been three months. You have to send in a new application.' I think I applied at least 3, maybe 4, times!”

However, in each case, after running a REST Report, seeing what they qualified for and showing these results to their banks, these struggling homeowners were able to get their modifications approved within a matter of months.

Now Ron pays about half of what he used to pay each month and his prinicipal was reduced by around $350k. Crystal had her monthly payments cut from $1,700 to just $728. Linda and her daughter can now stay in their home since the modification cut their mortgage payments from $3,000 to $2,100. Mona and her husband can now make their payments which are less than $2,000 each month; about half of what they had been paying prior to the modification.

These REST results are not unique. Thousands of people have been able to receive the mortgage modifications that they needed to save their homes thanks to the REST Report. For more information on this valuable tool, please visit

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