Helps Expedite Delayed Mortgage Modification Applications With The REST Report

Share Article has helped many homeowners to resolve their delayed mortgage approvals with the REST Report. A newly released video testimonial shows how effective the REST can be even when dealing with difficult mortgage applications. is a licensee of the REST Report (Real Estate Services and Technology Report), a trusted third party analytics tool that helps homeowners and lenders see what options are available to avoid foreclosure on a home. This Report is the quickest and most accurate way to find out exactly what a person qualifies for in terms of mortgage modifications or other loan workout programs, and so far it has helped thousands of property owners to find foreclosure alternatives and keep their homes.

The biggest benefit of using the REST is that it takes all the uncertainty out of the loan modification application process. If a person qualifies for any government or proprietary loan workout program, the REST will inform them of this. If they do not qualify for any modifications, the REST Report will show the reason why. It will help them determine if there is anything that can be done to improve their standing, or if a short sale or other option would be the best choice. This all takes less than three days.

This Report also has the benefit of speeding up the application process if the modification is being delayed. recently released a number of video reviews by homeowners who were able to avoid foreclosure with the assistance of this analytics tool. Most of these people had tried to apply for modifications on their own, only to have their modifications delayed due to lost paperwork or misunderstandings between them and the bank.

Ron, for example, had been struggling to save his home for several years. Ron lives in San Diego with his children and works as an Emergency Medical Technician. He says in his video review on the LoanSafeMods YouTube channel that he had tried to apply for the Make Home Affordable Program on his own, but the supposed 45 day process stretched longer and longer as he would continuously need to resubmit his paperwork or send in new documents.

“Every time I would jump through one hoop, they would toss two more up!” Ron says of the frustrating experience.

He was also taken advantage of by two firms that promised to help him get a modification but also required up-front payment. These firms never did follow through on their promises.

Finally Ron found the REST Report. He ran a report and after seeing that he did, indeed, qualify for the modification, he sent in his application again; this time with the report attached. He had his request granted in a matter of months. Now Ron pays roughly half of what he used to each month and his principal was reduced by nearly $360,000.

Ron says in his REST review "To have somebody who went out of their way to do a good job and not having to pay beforehand was a blessing"

Ron’s story is just one example of how the REST can help to expedite a modification being granted after, in some cases, years of delays. Homeowners can visit to learn more about the REST program and get access to live support and other tools that can help them to make progress with their modification applications.

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