Alteril Review and Results, Researched and Tested by How Alteril Delivers a Great Night’s Sleep by Combining the Best of Nature and Science

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New research out today trials the Alteril Sleep System, which combines all-natural ingredients in capsule and relaxing tea forms with a scientifically crafted music CD, for a quick, deep sleep with no next-day ‘hangover’

alteril review
...every night after that, sleep got easier and easier.

According to a study this year conducted by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute Association, sleep deficiency is an all-too-common problem across the United States. Up to 19% of adults reported not getting enough sleep each night, nearly 40% of adults fall asleep at least once a month during the day, without meaning to, and between 50 and 70 million Americans have ongoing sleep disorders. In turn, sleep deprivation can lead to chronic health problems including heart disease, depression, diabetes and obesity amongst others, all of which can contribute to poor sleep and perpetuate the vicious cycle.

New research out today tests the Alteril Sleep System, a combination of three fundamentals critical to a good night’s sleep, which relies on non-habit forming, natural ingredients and simple techniques.

“The Alteril Sleep System combines a capsule containing amino acids and hormones required for regulated sleep, a relaxing tea to induce a quiet state before bed, and a CD of binaural beats, which help calm and focus the brain, bringing about a state similar to that of deep sleep,” said Product Analyst, Bill Bertens. “The huge success that it has been gaining is due to this combination of three techniques, which bring about sleep quickly and change patterns over the longer term.”

Alteril capsules contain ingredients long used to encourage a good night’s sleep: L-Theanine to reduce stress and anxiety, natural sedative Valerian, Melatonin to regulate the sleep cycle and L-Tryptophan that encourage the stimulation of neurotransmitters that normalize sleep patterns. They also contain a range of herbal remedies, as does the relaxing tea, including chamomile, lavender, spearmint and linden, all known for their relaxing properties.

Bertens used the product over several months, after suffering from broken sleep following a bout of work pressure. “It was taking me at least 2 hours to get to sleep, and I just couldn’t stay asleep,” he continued. “I was waking up feeling groggy or edgy, and my work was suffering; I just didn’t feel myself and couldn’t concentrate. However the main reason for my wanting to get help was because I was getting really irritable with my family for no reason. It really was time for action.”

Bertens took the capsule an hour before bed, drank the relaxation tea and listened to the binaural beats CD on his headphones in bed. “I have no idea how it works…but it does. The first night, I slept all through the night, which was actually quite disconcerting in the morning; it had been that long without a broken night’s sleep,” he concluded. “And every night after that, sleep got easier and easier, almost like my body and mind were training themselves and getting into a proper pattern.”

Since trialing the system, Bertens has dropped his intake down to a single capsule or single drink, without requiring the music or both herbal remedies. Unlike many over-the-counter or prescribed drugs, there are no withdrawal symptoms associated with the Alteril formulation, so users can take them without fear of addiction, grogginess or problems extricating themselves from the remedy.

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