Rich Gorman Comments on New Twitter Cards as Positive Tools for Turning Profits

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Twitter Cards are all the rage in the world of online marketing—prompting a comment from direct response marketing authority Rich Gorman.

Rich Gorman, a serial entrepreneur and direct response marketing authority, has come out in full support of a recent marketing enterprise undertaken by Twitter. The so-called “Twitter Card” initiative has made waves in the online marketing world, with the social network itself recently announcing a partner pool of more than 2,000 companies. Gorman, whose Direct Response brand is well-known in online marketing circles, has issued a new statement to the press, responding to the Twitter Card initiative and heralding it as a breakthrough for anyone and everyone seeking to turn a profit online.

“When Twitter first debuted, its calling card was its simplicity,” says Gorman. “Indeed, Twitter has long been known for its Spartan design and for its impositions of brevity, forcing users to get their point across in 140 characters or less.” According to the direct response guru, Twitter’s reputation for simplicity is giving way to greater flexibility, and a wider range of features. “Times are changing in the online marketing world, and more and more social networking sites are beginning to stress their own feature-rich versatility—and Twitter is no exception. The recent advent of ‘Twitter Cards’ has changed the way many brands are thinking about their social marketing activity.”

What the Twitter Cards format allows for is essentially “expanded tweeting,” in Gorman’s words—a way for companies to embed tweets with content previews, including images, videos, and more. Twitter has celebrated the Twitter Cards innovation as a new way for brands to inject content into streams on, as well as on the Twitter clients for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.

For Gorman, the Twitter Cards innovation is a huge step forward for content marketing. “Twitter used to be a largely text-based social platform, but text-based marketing is an increasingly endangered species, especially with image-oriented sites like Pinterest and Instagram picking up steam,” he says. “Smartphone users, for example, need information they can digest and process on the go, which is why images are so handy. Now, marketers can embed rich, visually striking images within the Twitter feed itself—allowing for a whole new dimension of social branding.”

Gorman says that the Twitter Cards innovation is important for businesses and for marketing professionals because the new, multimedia-rich Twitter experience provides more ways to bring potential consumers into the sales funnel. “A great example of the Twitter Cards technology in action is in how The New York Times has been using it,” he offers. “Now, instead of just providing an article title and a link, the Times can also offer a brief summary of what the article is about, seamlessly positioned in the Twitter feed itself. Thus, users do not have to blindly click on a link, based on the title alone. The Times can actually offer some details to entice users to click through.”

The same principle holds true for marketers of all stripes and in all industries, Gorman continues. “Online consumers are bombarded by offers, and it is often difficult to know which ones are reputable and which ones are not,” Gorman says. “Business that use the Twitter Cards technology can essentially prove that their offers are real and that they are appealing by providing a content preview, which users can access without ever having to navigate away from the page, or from the Twitter app of their choice.”

Ultimately, says Gorman, Twitter Cards are potentially significant for any marketer wishing to turn a profit online. “If Twitter Cards become more widely-used and more accessible to marketers, they stand to revolutionize content marketing as we know it,” says Gorman. “They represent an important avenue for boosting user engagement, all through making rousing, actionable content more visible than ever before.”

Rich Gorman is an online marketing pioneer, best known for his personal brand Direct Response.


Rich Gorman is a serial entrepreneur, and a true pioneer in the direct response marketing industry. His personal brand, Direct Response, is one of the leading names in the online marketing world, and, via his Direct Response blog, Mr. Gorman prolifically writes about the trends shaping the field. His goal is to provide those within his industry with direct response tactics, intended to put competitors out of business. Direct Response can be accessed at

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