Enlocked Prevents Email Snooping - Company Launches Free Email Encryption Solution to Protect Private Information

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Simple downloads for browsers, smartphones and tablets bring state-of-the-art email security to all users

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Simple Email Encryption for Everybody

Most users today are putting themselves at some risk of identity theft or fraud whenever they send an email containing sensitive details.

- Rob Enderle
Principal Analyst
Enderle Group

Enlocked, Inc., an innovator in email security solutions for consumers and small business users, today announced the launch of the Enlocked email encryption service. This simple, free service can be installed by any user, so that they can protect their private communications from eavesdropping and render sensitive messages unreadable in the case of a lost or stolen device.

By providing a full set of easy-to-use plug-ins and mobile apps, Enlocked has eliminated the pain of encryption, bringing simple software direct to the end user. Enlocked enables users to send email securely from any device, so that credit card numbers, social security numbers, medical records and other sensitive data can be shared without the risk of interception.

“Most users today are putting themselves at some risk of identity theft or fraud whenever they send an email containing sensitive details, and most don’t realize the risk they are taking yet largely because they often don’t even know when their email is compromised,” said Rob Enderle, principal analyst at the Enderle Group, a research firm focused on consumer technology. “While the likelihood of a single message being intercepted is low, targeted breaches at the mailbox level are more common, and put all of your read and sent archives at risk if your email account is hacked or if your laptop or phone is stolen. Solutions that make email security a quick and easy add-on to users’ existing tools provide an easy way to ensure against this threat, without requiring significant additional effort on the part of the user.”

Before Enlocked, users needed to interrupt their normal email communications in order to call and provide sensitive information via phone, or take the risk of having that information stolen in transit. By encrypting email communications, Enlocked allows users to work seamlessly in their email environment, while still ensuring that messages are only viewable by authorized recipients. With just a few simple steps, users can rest assured that their most sensitive data is safe.

“We all want to reduce the chances of confidential information falling into the wrong hands, but most offerings available to address this require multiple steps and have an adverse impact on productivity," said Jonathan B. Spira, chief analyst at Basex, a knowledge economy research firm. "Tools such as Enlocked make email security transparent to sender and recipient and make security far less intrusive, thus ensuring that it will actually be used as opposed to remaining shelfware."

The process until now was unwieldy. Prior security techniques were often cumbersome and expensive, requiring installation of compatible software on both the sender’s and receiver’s systems, exchanging of keys or passwords, or in some cases even separate, dedicated email addresses. In addition, with the trend of users moving rapidly towards mobile devices for email access, the lack of common tools across systems renders previous tools unworkable.

“We’ve studied consumer behavior, and it is clear that what’s missing is a solution that is simple, free, and works on all your devices. Using Enlocked is as easy as clicking a new ‘send secured’ button on whatever system you already have. Consumers and small businesses can now safely and easily send email messages containing sensitive data, without the hassles of traditional methods or the risk of being compromised,” said Guy Livneh, CEO of Enlocked.

The Enlocked email encryption solution is available immediately, with quick and easy downloads for all of today’s most popular email environments. Platforms supported include: Microsoft Outlook (including Microsoft Exchange systems), Android smartphones and tablets, Apple iPhone and iPad, as well as personal computers accessing Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Windows Live or AOL email via a browser. Additional versions for Apple Mail.app, the Safari browser, and BlackBerry are in development, and are expected shortly.

About Enlocked
Founded in 2011 by a team of information technology and security veterans, Enlocked is quickly becoming the solution of choice for users concerned with protecting their private email messages. The Enlocked solution addresses an important gap in security – most email today is sent entirely in the open, preventing users from being able to send important confidential information, or if they do send it, putting that data at risk.

While systems exist for encrypting email at the corporate level, they require significant resources (both financial and technical) to implement, leaving the individual user or small business with few options. Many of these systems do not support sending secure emails outside of the organization, thus leaving sensitive communications with contractors, consultants or partners vulnerable to eavesdropping.

By making email encryption simple and free, Enlocked allows everyone to safely send and receive secure emails, from whatever devices and email systems they use.

For additional information and to download Enlocked for your email client, visit http://www.enlocked.com.

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