SEO Experts i5 Media Give an Insight on the Changing Value of Link Building for Search Engine Optimisation in 2013

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In the rapidly changing world of SEO, since the beginning of 2013, the value of creating back links has been said to be diminishing. SEO experts are putting back linking as a SEO technique under the spot light, and giving honest tips to increase the chances of being found in search engines, and how the situation has changed this year.

The value of link building for SEO is under threat during 2013.

Links are an integral part of SEO writing; their quality and reputation of the links is very important in determining the success of a campaign. Lack of knowledge on how to rate and choose the best possible links to be used is very apparent in most companies’ digital strategies - yet trustworthy advice on the topic of good link building is rare if not misleading at times. The criteria used by search engine algorithms to rank links is mind boggling to the inexperienced. So a detailed step by step simple guide has been put together by the forward by the Hertfordshire SEO experts to remedy the problems.

Though all links are equal and attract the same number of votes, the weight every vote carries differs. Inherently the composition of their HTML codes determines the weight their vote possesses. Given that the importance of a web page is determined by the number of votes it gets, which is represented by the quantity and quality of links pointing to it. The fundamental importance of quality links to search in ranking of web pages is indirectly elaborated above--the better the quality, the higher up in the ranking.

If a search engine is to be akin to a detailed thesis, then links are footnotes that add value to the content contained within. Referring the reader to a more detailed source of the information they are digesting while also indirectly giving credit to the author, thereby sidestepping possible issues that may arise from infringing copyrights. The SEO Hertfordshire experts suggest this will still driving traffic to both sites and increasing their ranks on the search engines simultaneously.

And just like in a thesis, links referring to external sources other than the source itself rank higher than those that are from within the particular web page. However using the same source repeatedly reduces the value of the links as a whole. More so the trust level of the source matters a lot not forgetting its life span. A shorter time period of existence coupled with a high trust level makes for a favorably ranked link. Just like the popularity of the sourced link is important, so is the absence of spam and the link being in reference to text other than images on the quoted sites also increases its ranking on the search engine.

Links and search engines share a symbiotic kind of coexistence. While links can be functional without a search engine and their use is not limited to search engines, a search engine itself cannot exist in their absence.

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