New Wealth Advisors Club Helps Another Member Profit from a Short Sale in California

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The New Wealth Advisors Club educates investors so that they can help homeowners avoid foreclosure and earn profit for themselves by facilitating short sales in California. The club has posted new video testimonials on their website that show how the training they offer has helped members profit in today’s economy.

At New Wealth Advisors Club ( there is a tight knit community priding itself on helping homeowners avoid foreclosure in Southern California. For the past three years, the founders, Dave Boswell and his wife, Melina Boswell, have been working hard on putting together real estate investor training designed to create win-win opportunities for homeowners and investors alike. This means that homeowners can avoid foreclosure, while investors earn profit by short sales in California. Real estate education is provided through an office environment with hands on training. The Boswells believe people want to belong and have a sense of accomplishment through an office and not online or via a guru seminar in a hotel.

The majority of investors have learned to do creative investing through New Wealth Advisors Club. In today’s market, homeowners want to know they are important. They don’t want to be treated like just another number. The New Wealth Advisors community of investors lives by the notion that homeowners should always be left in a better position than investors found them. Primarily, this is done by helping homeowners avoid foreclosure with the help of an investor, who can then profit from a short sale in California.

Oscar and Rebeca Solares are some of the dozens of students whom have been able to do real estate investing full-time since being laid off their current jobs. They recently found a homeowner facing foreclosure. The homeowner had been trying to do a mortgage workout or loan modification for some time. The homeowner owed nearly three times what the home was currently worth. The home was run down due to the family not being able to maintain the home.

Through the power of the community at New Wealth Advisors Club, Oscar and Rebeca were able to negotiate with the bank and pursue a short sale.

A short sale is defined as a sale of real estate in which the proceeds from selling the property will fall short of the balance of debts secured by liens against the property and the property owner cannot afford to repay the liens’ full amounts, whereby the lien holders agree to release their lien on the real estate and accept less than the amount owed on the debt.

New Wealth Advisors Club focuses a lot of attention on short sales in California given the present economy. Here’s why - banks aren’t in the fix n flip business. They don’t have teams of contractors ready to roll out and make the home market ready. Hence, the bank is willing to reduce the price to the current market value (before rehabbed). In this case, the bank agreed to $84,000. After rehabbing the home, they were able to sell the property for $178,000! They profited over $49,000! Not bad for a few months’ work.

Just as important, they helped the homeowner avoid foreclosure. The homeowner is now in position to be able to purchase another home in a much shorter timeframe than they would have had they gone to foreclosure. On top of that…the new homeowner that purchased the property is extremely excited with the gorgeous rehab work done to the property. The neighborhood has no complaints, as they don’t have a foreclosure sitting vacant in the neighborhood. Win-win-win-win! Congratulations to Oscar and Rebeca Solares for a doing exactly as they were trained and profiting huge!

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Oscar and Rebeca Solares at the home with founder, Dave Boswell

Proof is in the numbers…BIG PAY DAY!

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