Siborg Offers LCR-Reader-MP and Smart Tweezers LCR-meter Through Multiple Sales Channels for Worldwide Customers

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Siborg ensures customers will receive their orders faster using Amazon fulfillment services

LCR-Reader-MP from Siborg Systems Inc.

LCR-Reader-MP from Siborg Systems Inc.

Customers in UK, Europe and USA will benefit from Amazon's fulfillment on their orders

Siborg’s LCR-Reader-MP has been widely accepted by users looking for a well-rounded SMT testing tool since its release in late 2017. The device offers a varied range of test modes and features and orders are now fulfilled by Amazon in Europe, UK and USA.

LCR-Reader-MP is an automatic tweezer-multimeter device with a 0.1% basic accuracy and more features than any LCR-Reader or Smart Tweezers device. The device follows the tried-and-tested design that combines a set of gold-plated tweezers and a lightweight multimeter. The MP will automatically determine the type of component and best test parameters to use for that component. All values, including main and secondary values (ESR) are instantly displayed on the back-lit LCD display.

What sets the MP apart from other LCR-Reader models and Smart Tweezers devices? It has a higher basic accuracy and a wider range of features, including:

  • Automatic and manual LCR and ESR measurements
  • 0.1% basic accuracy
  • Continuity/short testing
  • LED/diode testing
  • Signal generator with sine, meander and triangle signals up to 100 kHz frequency and varying signal parameters
  • AC/DC voltage measurements
  • Large Capacitance testing
  • Pulse counting
  • 100 kHz test frequency
  • Oscilloscope Transient Voltage display up to 100 kHz
  • Automatic Test Signal Reduction from 0.65 to 1 V for in-circuit measurements
  • Displays active and reactive impedance component display
  • 2 oz. weight
  • Back-lit LCD display
  • Li-Ion battery and micro-USB charging
  • Measures components to a 0201 size (~0.3 mm)

The 100 kHz test frequency is one of the added features that sets the device apart from similar tweezer-multimeter devices. This feature allows for 0.01 pF resolution while testing capacitance and less than 1 nH resolution for inductance.

The MP offers a Large Cap mode by having a wider range of test frequencies (25, 100, 120 Hz, 1, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 75 and 100 kHz) as well as DC measurements. The Large Cap mode measure large and super capacitances up to 680 mF. The device will automatically reduce the test frequency to 25 Hertz when using this mode for higher accuracy. For electrolytic capacitors, MP measures capacitance at 120 Hertz while ESR is measure at 100 kHz according to standard electrolytic capacitor test conditions. For caps larger than 40 mF, the MP measures using DC.

An oscilloscope mode hasn't been present on devices since the first model Smart Tweezers ST-1. This mode is used to analyze wave-forms with frequencies up to 100 kHz on active circuit boards at various nodes of a PCB. Note that the extended voltage range switch should be properly set in the right-most position to avoid any damage to the device due to applied voltage. The limit on the voltage measured is 15 Volts. The oscilloscope mode is exceptionally useful when used with the LCR-Reader/Smart Tweezers Kelvin Probe Connector set that turns the device into a low frequency probe station with 5 different attachments.

LCR-Reader-MP is twice the weight of previous models, at 2 oz. and uses a jog-wheel navigation instead of the joystick control on Smart Tweezers. It is powered by a rechargeable Li-Ion battery that offers 8 hours of continuous use. The back-lit LCD display is larger and is easier to read compared to LCR-Reader and Smart Tweezers. Because of it’s lightweight, compact design, it is perfect for on-field tasks as it is barely noticeable in a pocket or bag. One of the downsides of the device is that it has a higher signal source resistance of 1 kOhm and a maximum test signal level of 0.65 Vrms compared to that of Smart Tweezers; this may cause the device to measure less than the actual capacitance values for some ceramic capacitors.

Siborg offers the MP on their Amazon sales channels in UK, Europe and USA, with shipping by Amazon. This allows customers to receive their orders faster with FBA shipping. Siborg also offers their LCR-Reader, LCR-Reader Pro and LCR-Reader Plus Task kits, and Smart Tweezers devices through Amazon. The task kits include an LCR-Reader and accessories such as spare tips, batteries, and Kelvin Probe Connector. Siborg also offers a wide range of testing tools on their online LCR-Reader Store as well at distributor sites, and

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