New Organic Silica and Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (85% Silica) Supplement Known for a Myriad of Health Benefits including Bone Health and Osteoporosis Alleviation

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Research says Mineral Element “Silica” may help prevent osteoporosis while promoting proper bone growth and development. Learn how the New SilaLive Silica Supplement by Higher Health with Enhanced Diatomaceous Earth and Orthosilicic Acid can impact overall health and wellness.

Accumulating evidence over the last 30 years strongly suggest that dietary silicon is beneficial to bone and connective tissue health and we recently reported strong positive associations between dietary Si intake and bone mineral density

Accumulating evidence over the last 30 years strongly suggest that dietary silicon is beneficial to bone and connective tissue health and we recently reported strong positive associations between diet

Establishment of a biological role for this element will have important implication for nutrition as a preventative measure, or Si containing supplements as a treatment, for bone and connective tissue diseases.

As one hit wonders are as popular as the flavor of the week inside the weight loss supplement niche, a new natural health supplement has just been introduced with exciting information to back its supporting evidence as being of earthly importance to include in diet and supplementation regimes.

Diatomaceous Earth, coined an "ancient treasure for modern health", carries quite an impressive resume in its ability to not only support life on earth, but revitalize it.

At the bottom there is a direct link to Silica (silicon dioxide) and bone health US National Library of Medicine website the National Institutes of Health outlines and reviews silica's vital ability to influence both health and possibly slow down or even prevent Osteoporosis.

The study literature went on to read, "There is perhaps no question that silicon appears to have a beneficial role in bone formation and in bone health. Since the findings of Carlisle (17) and Schwarz & Milne (16) of a potential role of silicon in bone and connective tissues, there have been numerous studies over the past 30 years investigating this potential role of dietary silicon" (silicon dioxide=silica).

This publicly available research has finally been made noticed for the possible prevention of bone diseases such as osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Evidence of skeletal remains has given insight to studies that were trying to find the missing link between calcium and bone density.

Osteoporosis is a bone disease that is commonly diagnosed in older individuals and has become an increasingly widespread health problem. Degenerative bone diseases such as osteoarthtiris and osteoporosis primarily affect post menopausal women, but have also been known to affect men. The development of treatments for these kinds of bone diseases has become more of a priority in medical research due to the increasing elderly population.

Current treatments for osteoporosis are mostly based on calcium supplementation to promote skeletal growth and development. This treatment, however, has a major flaw in it since it does not address the issue of preventing calcium buildups in the body. It wasn’t until recently that researchers have realized the connection between silica and calcium.

Discoveries in the field of biosilicification have led to the conclusion that sponges, the oldest inorganic skeletons, build up their skeletal system using biogenously formed polymeric silica (biosilica). These studies eventually led to studies of the impact of dietary silica intake on the human skeletal system, which showed evidence that silica is able to reduce the risk of degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, and other bone diseases.

The review also concluded by touching on silica's food sources other than food grade diatomaceous earth. It said, "Indeed accumulated evidence over the last 30 years suggests an important role in bone formation and bone and connective tissue health. Mechanisms are unclear but evidence exists of its involvement in collagen synthesis and/or its stabilization and in matrix mineralization. However much still remains to be understood on this potential biological role of silicon."

A brand new supplement plans to change the silica/diatomaceous earth market by providing consumers with the first 100% pure silica/diatomaceous earth supplement. Silalive enters the market to fill consumers’ desperate need for a pure silica supplement, which has a high demand, yet up until now, has had few products available to consumers.

Silalive combines two beneficial compounds – diatomaceous earth and silica into one powerful health supplement.

Diatomaceous earth is a white powder, similar to clay, which is composed of the exoskeletons of ancient unicellular algae called diatoms. As these diatoms died and collected at the bottom of the sea, they became fossilized and formed huge deposits of the clay-like material that is mined today.

Consumers have been seeking a pure diatomaceous earth product because it contains a large number of minerals and nutrients. In fact, there are over seventy different minerals and other essential nutrients in diatomaceous earth.

Some of the most valuable minerals in diatomaceous earth include: calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, and tin.

However, the most valuable mineral in diatomaceous earth is silica.

Silica is a vital mineral that has numerous benefits on the body. Silica is essential to help the body absorb other minerals. It also helps improve the strength of bones, teeth, and nails, and can be used for Osteoporosis prevention. In all, there are hundreds of benefits to Silica, which is why there is such a high demand for a pure silica supplement – which is finally here in the form of Silalive.

SilaLive’s natural combination of silica and diatomaceous earth is known for having toxin absorbing properties that can also help in the prevention and treatment of neurological disorders such as Alzeimer’s disease by preventing the buildups of heavy metals and aluminum in the brain.

Not only does Silalive silica supplement with enhanced food grade diatomaceous earth help detox the body and build up the beauty qualities, but it can also help restore the body’s immune system. Studies have shown silica to carry high levels of anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and anti-oxidant healing properties.

The demand for a pure silica supplement has been on the rise for years, especially due to numerous reports about the growing number of silica deficiencies. According to the latest reports, only about 1/3 of all adults consume enough silica on a daily basis. This is due to dietary changes and due to human involvement in changing soil composition.

As more adults have read these reports, it has become apparent that most adults need a silica supplement to improve the efficiency of the body. Most adults do not realize whether or not they might have a silica deficiency, but chances are they most likely do.

Thankfully, Silalive contains a high concentration of silica and can provide the body with enough silica to function properly.

The overall benefits that Silalive claims to possess: cleanse and detoxify the body, lower blood pressure, promotes natural weight loss, improved bone strength, improved digestion, removal of parasites and toxins, reverses the effects of aging, and the removal of free radicals.

With all of its health benefits, this supplement may very well prove to be one of the most important minerals on earth for the human skeletal system and overall health of the body.

Silalive Silica Supplement comes in 4 different packages, each with its’ own unique benefit.

  • 1lb bottle costs $35
  • 2lb bottle costs $60
  • 3lb bottle costs $80
  • 5lb bottle costs $120.

For a limited time, any purchase of a 5lb. tub of Silalive will also come with an additional 1lb. tub of Silalive absolutely free!

Any purchase of Silalive comes with free same day shipping, the best direct pricing, and a free ebook full of diet plans. The makers of Silalive want to provide consumers with the resources necessary to reap all of the benefits of silica and diatomaceous earth, which is why consumers can receive all of these free materials and bonus products.

About Higher Health's SilaLive Silica Supplement

Higher Health has carefully crafted SilaLive to enlighten the mind, empower the body, and enrich the spirit as their core health values and supplement concepts are designed and created to help improve the quality of your life and energy.

To receive more information about Silalive or to learn how Silalive promotes overall wellness, visit the Official Website of Silalive – the only pure silica supplement on the market.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These supplements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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