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Moving out of the economic crisis in the United States and around the world has proven to be much more difficult than originally imagined. It appears as if this is not merely a simple soft reset; but rather, the Master Reset Button of the world has been pushed, resulting in a much more complex recovery. If, new business start-ups are to be the fuel that drives the recovery, then these new businesses need to reach their full capability at the fastest optimal time frame after they are launched. In addition, the vast number of unemployed, experienced people currently idle need to become critical contributors in the job market as quickly as possible to avoid further burden on the support systems. Michael Arthur Johnson Company believes that it is time to get back to basics and bootstrap our way out of this difficult situation using good old creative thinking and simple hard work. Therefore, it is time to anticipate the needs of the system and the end customers so to find new solutions and innovative service products; not just employ the same what's in old the tool kit solutions. It is also critical to find and promote new ways of communication to take full advantage of the new technologies and Social Media services available to us today. Our offering of Service Products announced below are based on our 40+ years of Creating Customer Delight Worldwide by anticipating the need of the customer and providing useful solutions before they ask for it.

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Many Internet sites have detailed content but do they do not have Presence.

Michael Arthur Johnson Company announces a set of support services to provide creative new tools to both start-up businesses and existing businesses, and to individual unemployed professionals allowing them to have increased Internet Web Site Presence. The concept is to make clearly visible on the Internet: Who is doing What, Where in the world and to make clear Why they are doing it.

These new support services now provided by Michael Arthur Johnson Company will greatly enhance the chances of a business to be found and then profitably utilized by those wanting to find it - when they want to find it - creating an environment for a delightful customer experience.

It is common and easy to spend considerable energy and funds to develop a Internet site for a new business venture only to have the site hidden among the vast amount of sites and information available on the world wide web. "Many Internet sites have detailed content but do they do not have Presence."

Presence is not search engine optimization; rather, site presence is a noteworthy quality of poise and effectiveness - to project to the viewers a commanding presence. Site Presence is a wide range of content about a company and their products and services presented in perhaps several different methods using multiple techniques including social networking media techniques.

Founders and principals in existing and new start up companies, that will fuel the recovery of the US and World's economies, will need to focus their energies on operating their core business and interacting with their suppliers, customers and employees. Information about the products and services they provide needs to have maximum exposure and availability to those desiring an needing to know. Business owners often do not have the time or the desire to worry about the details or the supporting role of their Internet sites and their company - client culture.

Michael Arthur Johnson Company's services will enable such focus and include but are not limited to:

NewsRooms -- to host Press Releases, Press Photos and other information about a company quickly available to the press, clients, suppliers, and employees as required

News Flash sites -- to make announcements rapidly and in an easy to use technique

Directory Listings -- using the new dot Tel domains, listed in Internet directories by specialized categories that are easily indexed by the search engines. Outside the USA, directory services are being offered in Europe (infoEurope) and the Baltic States (infoBaltics)

Social Network integration including: Twitter, FaceBook, BLOGS, photo albums, short videos, etc

Training programs for employees - ready and easy to use - teaching various customer service skills

Integration with and introduction to the teachings of Dr. W. Edwards Deming through the Red Bead Experiment

Michael Arthur Johnson Company was created in 1984 to manufacture and sell the world famous Dr. Deming, Red Bead Experiment. These new services being announced today build on the fundamental 14 Obligations of Management taught by Dr. Deming in his worldwide seminars and in his book Out of the Crisis. Mike Johnson, founder, has been fortunate to have worked with Dr. Deming's concepts since 1971, while in Japan and during time at Hewlett-Packard Company and other large companies worldwide.


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