Sleep Becomes a Major Earth Week Issue As Hundreds of Millions Pop Sleeping Pills and Pollute the Water Table

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Sleeping pills are consumed in the tens of millions daily, with the chemical residue finding its way into to the water table and the packaging either land filled or recycled. There is an alternative and its called the GLO TO SLEEP™ mask and its available at

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none of the baggage associated with sleeping pills: no residues to be flushed into the water table and no side effects.

Santa Cruz Holistics today announced the availability of the GLO TO SLEEP™ mask, a viable Earth-friendly alternative to the tens of millions of sleeping pills ingested daily - and eventually flushed into the water table, with the packaging making its way into landfills and recycling plants - which with its inert points of glow converts disruptive beta waves into calming alpha waves.

A spokesman for Santa Cruz Holistics commented, "We believe it would be better for the environment if people considered more Earth-friendly alternatives to sleeping pills." Continuing, "When we consider the waste products derived from the 70 million Americans alone that take sleeping pills on a regular basis; the millions of paper receipts and plastic bottles that are thrown away annually, and often not recycled, add the thousands of pounds of chemical residues which are flushed into the world's water table, we see this as a net loss to both consumers and the planet."

Also, if people that take sleeping pills wake up equally tired and often suffering from side effects such as poor reflexes, short-term memory loss, and unknowingly having raided the fridge or driven around the block, where's the gain?

So, what might be a healthier solution for the Earth and for people with sleep problems?

Santa Cruz Holistics believes the GLO TO SLEEP™ mask is the answer; a blend of ancient wisdom and new technologies that has "none of the baggage associated with sleeping pills: no residues to be flushed into the water table and no side effects."

GLO TO SLEEP™ masks are:

  •     True sleep masks with inert 'points of glo' that invoke calm by converting beta waves to alpha waves
  •     Assembled in California in a medical-grade facility using Canadian materials
  •     Completely hypoallergenic - including the adhesive
  •     Made from fully breathable materials - so no 'puffy eyes'
  •     Uniquely natural sleep aids that have zero side effects
  •     Minimally packaged in cardboard only
  •     Comes with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee

The secret of the GLO TO SLEEP™ masks is in the photoluminescent dots, which self-charge in daylight, or by being held to a light bulb for 5 seconds.

The retail price of the GLO TO SLEEP™ mask is $59.95 - but a 10% discount is available during Earth Week at

More information may be found at or by emailing peter@)

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