Mobil Green Power Launches First National Mobile Solar Power Network - Business Outlook? Sunny

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California green start-up launches first National network of mobile solar trailers. Mobile Green Power is offering the first nationwide network of solar mobile generators to power outdoor events, concerts, job sites and disaster areas. Through its owner operator network, Mobile Green Power provides mobile solar generators which produce silent and eco-friendly electrical power to sites across the US.


We have stream-lined the Federal Government’s rebate for solar energy, and now we can provide our Xtreme-grid buyers a 30% cash rebate (based on the solar portion of the generators) within 60-90 days of purchase.

Derek Clark and Lou Douros have a problem every business owner wants – demand for their product that has them running. Clark and Douros are founders of Mobile Green Power, which has launched the first nationwide network of mobile solar generators and their clients can’t get enough of their quiet, environmentally friendly power. Solar generators are just what the name implies – a mobile generator that provides electric power though an array of photovoltaic solar tiles – perfect for concerts, sporting events, construction sites and disaster areas. And these units, “Xtreme-grid” by name, are impressive. One of Mobile Green Power’s largest units is 20’ in length, has a 14 PV tile array that lifts on electric actuators to their full height of 14’ and would have “Tim the Tool-man Taylor” grunting with delight. Their eco-friendliness is also impressive. Unlike their noisy, exhaust producing, fossil fuel consuming counterparts, these units can deliver up to 45,000 watts, without a sound, using clean power generated from the sun. Says, co-founder Derek Clark, “we do over 400 outdoor events nationwide each year with our existing business, Visible Display (jumbo portable LCD displays), and every week we get multiple requests from our customers for quieter and more eco-friendly mobile power. We launched Mobile Green Power to fill that need.”

Mobile solar generators have been around for several years, what makes their business unique is the national network. The pair fields calls from their existing customer base and then sends the jobs to its network of independent operators who purchase their Mobile Green Power “Xtreme-grid” units. Their national clients benefit from one stop shopping and their operators benefit from an existing network of customers – a win/win. The units themselves vary in size and come in either a flat bed or cargo trailer with an array of 8 – 16 photovoltaic solar tiles connected to a chain of large marine batteries. The Xtreme-grid units can provide continuous power throughout the day and night using a combination of the solar panels and battery power. The batteries will re-charge the next day, or for multi-day events a biodiesel back-up generator can recharge the batteries during the evening. “At a recent event, we powered an ATM machine, beer trucks, recharged electric scooters, and ran several booths, for three days” says Douros. One thing is for certain – they attract a crowd. “My wife calls them a 'man-magnet'", says Douros, “we were in a Starbuck’s parking lot recently meeting with a prospective client and when we raised the solar tiles with our electric actuators, instantly 5 – 6 guys come over to check it out. It’s pretty cool.”

Cool is right. And quiet. Kevin Cohee, owner of Do An Event, a Sacramento event firm providing events at the State Capitol, loves that the solar generators don’t make a sound, “In my business, having power that is hyper quiet and is exhaust-free, is huge. The fact that the power is eco-friendly is a bonus.” Douros agrees, “People always are coming up to us at events and asking, ‘how much noise does this thing make when it is running?’,” They are blown away when I tell them, ‘none,’ it’s putting out power right now.” If the quiet doesn’t attract people, the unit’s utility meter does. The meter shows exactly how much electricity you are not paying for from utility companies (one sign recently seen on a solar unit – “No price increase in 4.5 billion years”). “People love seeing the meter go round, to see the electricity these things can produce,” says Clark. “We probably get crowds of 10 - 20 people standing around our Xtreme-grid trailers at every event.”

Clark and Douros have lots of interest in their mobile solar trailers and their network. They have demand from events nationwide and are working with several government agencies to contract with their network of providers. “We offer something nobody else has, existing relationships with over 1,000 event managers nationwide and a network of operators to share these events,” says Clark, “we just wish we had as many operators to give our leads to.” The current Federal rebates are also sparking interest in Mobile Green Power. “We have stream-lined the Federal Government’s rebate for solar energy, and now we can provide our Xtreme-grid buyers a 30% cash rebate (based on the solar portion of the generators) within 60-90 days of purchase.” An added bonus? When not in use at an event, park an Xtreme-grid near your home or business to offset pricey utility bills. Currently, financing is the only thing that has held them back from an explosion in sales to interested purchasers. “Financing is still tough these days, but we are talking with several local and national groups about a financing plan, and we expect to have that resolved shortly,” says Douros.

In the meantime, the pair continues to field calls for their expanding green business. With so many events and companies eager to go “green” and the increasing focus on providing green jobs, sunny days are ahead for Mobile Green Power and their national Mobile Green Power network.

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