Sports Turf Northwest Announces Two NFL Teams Have Incorporated the GreenZapr™ UVC Synthetic Turf Sterilization Machine into Their Bacteria and Virus-Fighting Arsenals

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Two National Football League teams have added the GreensGroomer WorldWide GreenZapr™ synthetic turf sterilization equipment to their field maintenance regimen. Sherwood, Oregon-based Sports Turf Northwest, an authorized dealer for the GreensGroomer WorldWide line of natural and synthetic turf maintenance equipment, says the NFL organizations chose the GreenZapr for its effective, chemical-free bacteria and virus-fighting technology.

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Not only is it environmentally safe, GreenZapr’s technology is cost- effective as well, and it works.

Sports Turf Northwest, LLC has announced the addition of the GreensGroomer WorldWide GreenZapr™ anti-microbial sports turf sanitizer to the synthetic turf cleansing regimen at two NFL team facilities. The GreenZapr’s chemical-free UVC equipment brings effective, eco-friendly bacteria and virus-fighting technology capable of destroying staph, MRSA, Influenza (H1N1) and other harmful toxins.

Sports Turf Northwest Founding Partner Mike Woelfel says the addition of the GreenZapr to the NFL teams’ maintenance arsenal is an effective solution for professional athletic organizations to address growing concerns over athlete safety. Studies on the safety of synthetic turf athletic fields have raised the alarm over the growing severity of the problem.

One study out of Penn State University’s Center for Sports Surface Research titled “Survival of Staphylococcus aureus on Synthetic Turf” found that outbreaks of antibiotic-resistant strains of staph have become more prevalent in recent years, posing a serious health hazard to athletes playing certain contact sports.

Vulnerability to toxic microbes has been comprehensively outlined by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in its published findings that state transmission of MRSA and staph is more prevalent in sports that involve any one of five elements (the five C’s): crowding, contact, compromised skin, contamination and cleanliness.

It is believed that synthetic turf sports fields collect micro-organisms from bodily fluids (urine, fecal matter, sweat, saliva and blood). According to the CDC, athletes who play contact sports have a higher rate of staph and MRSA transmission than athletes involved in non-contact sports, since the five C’s produce an environment favorable to Staph and MRSA transmission.

Falls on artificial turf can lead to turf burn or minor cuts and scrapes, which make athletes more susceptible to infection. Cleveland Browns tight end Kellen Winslow Jr. contracted a staph infection that landed him in the Cleveland Clinic for three days. In fact, Winslow has been infected twice, and NFL quarterbacks Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and others have also battled with staph infections.

These findings have professional athletic organizations like the NFL searching for effective solutions to protect the athletes; the large scale GreenZapr has turned out to be an ideal alternative to chemical-based turf sterilization, Woelfel says, for use on large outdoor and indoor fields.

The GreenZapr’s UVC technology actually kills the DNA of infectious microbes, and it accomplishes this by effectively sterilizing the turf against Staph and MRSA.

“The current wisdom is, why put chemicals down when you can destroy these microorganisms’ DNA with UVC light?” Woelfel says. “Not only is it environmentally safe, GreenZapr’s technology is cost- effective as well, and it works.”

Sunlight, thought by some to be a natural anti-microbial, can be ruled out since the ozone blocks the sun’s UVC rays.

Woelfel also cites legal liability at play when it comes to facilities’ responsibility to protect athletes, especially in the NFL where staph and MRSA infections have hit hard. Everyone in the sports medicine profession knows that protecting athletes from staph and MRSA is a priority taken very seriously; so much so, the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) has posted information provided by NFLPA Medical Director Thom Mayer, M.D. about staph and MRSA on its website. The information includes guidelines for players to help themselves avoid infection.

Strict sterilization procedures have been put in place at most athletic facilities, and the GreenZapr is already gaining attention as a formidable weapon in the synthetic turf, locker room, bathroom and shower cleaning arsenal.

For more information, visit the Sports Turf Northwest website, call 503-575-9640, or email mike(at)sportsturfnw(dot)com.

About Sports Turf Northwest:

Sports Turf Northwest, founded by Mike Woelfel, Craig Prunty and Former NBA star Brian Grant to promote the GreenZapr and the miniZapr’s sterilization benefits to the indoor and outdoor sports arena industry after Prunty’s son contracted a staph infection while playing sports. An authorized dealer for the GreensGroomer WorldWide line of natural and synthetic turf maintenance equipment, Sports Turf Northwest and its sister company UVC Health Equipment provide equipment and expertise to help all industries utilize UVC technology to eradicate harmful bacteria and viruses from surfaces. Sports Turf Northwest was founded

Sport Turf Northwest donates a percentage of every sale to the Brian Grant Foundation, established in 2010 to support efforts to build awareness, increase early diagnosis, and educate patients and their families on Parkinson’s Disease. The Foundation also provides a viable forum for people affected by Parkinson’s.


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