New Sunscreen Mist Sunburn Protection Machines Provides Kids Sunscreen Coverage From Head to Toe

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The necessary, but time-consuming, hit-or-miss process of protecting kids with sunscreen just got easier for parents thanks to Sunscreen Mist Sunburn Protection Machines.

Sunscreen Mist is proud to unveil their new line of Sunburn Protection Machines, which make the process of applying sunscreen much easier and way more fun. After 5 years of extensive development and field testing, Sunscreen Mist has launched the Sunburn Protection Machines which are showcased at

These breakthrough machines have adapted mist-on technology from the Organic Spray Tan line called Sunless Mist. Sunless Mist includes a custom design with every Spray Tan Booth order. This technology has allowed for children and adults to be protected with tears-free, broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 30 SPF sunscreen in the outdoor environments in and around pools at hotels, resorts, camps and any outdoor event.

The Sunburn Protection Machines are particularly well suited for users with children. Older kids can use the machines unassisted, while parents can easily help smaller children by misting them down with a Sunscreen Station spray wand or placing them inside the Sunscreen Booth.

The Sunburn Protection Machines utilize a virtually silent, state-of-the-art spray system which applies each user with up to 2 ounces of FDA approved SPF 15 or SPF 30 Sunscreen (twice the FDA recommendation). In addition, the sunscreen formulation provides water resistant, broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection, no PABA, alcohol free, and tears-free protection.

The Sunscreen Machine makes sunscreen application ideal for parents (who find it difficult to apply sunscreen to small children), adults with limited mobility, and people who just want to enjoy more of their vacation with the assurance that they are protected from sun damage.

While there are a variety of high quality, broad spectrum sunscreens available, they all seem to suffer from one or more shortcomings in their delivery method. Such problems may include: uneven application, difficulty for users applying in hard to reach areas without a mirror or assistance, eye irritation from alcohol based sunscreens, difficulty applying to young children (who are the most susceptible to sunburn), and simply not using the proper amount. Even the popular "Continuous Spray" aerosol sunscreen cans have problems.

According to Tara Pope of the Wall Street Journal, "Because they spray on clear, it's not always easy to tell if every bit of exposed skin has been covered. The sprays can also be expensive. A $10 bottle can run out after as few as four to six uses. Spray sunscreens also typically contain alcohol, which allows them to spray on clear and dry quickly, but they can also irritate a rash or sunburn. They also aren't recommended for spraying on the face. Users can spray the sunscreen in the hands and rub on the face, but consumers may prefer to buy a second sun-protection stick or lotion formulated for faces."

Even in mild breezy conditions more sunscreen can end up in the air than on children and adults.

The Sunscreen Mist, Sunburn Protection Machines solves all the shortcomings of existing spray-on sunscreen bottles. The Sunburn Protection Machines use their exclusive line of FDA Approved sunscreens called the “Spa Collection”. The light sheen and mild mango-coconut aroma let parents know that the sunscreen was applied to hard to reach areas.

Kids find the spray-on process fun, and parents no longer have to struggle to apply suntan lotion to children. The broad spectrum and water resistant formulas stay on active kids longer than traditional products, and help prevent skin damage caused by the sun’s deadly rays.

In addition, Sunscreen Mist provides a profit source, via sunscreen vending, for properties placing a Sunburn Protection Machine(s) on their property. Property owners have been enthusiastic since all of the Sunburn Protection Machines requires NO attendant and NO plumbing, uses only Spa Collection, has slip-resistant flooring, and offers lease and finance options.

Sunscreen Mist has seen strong initial demand for the Sunburn Protection Machines among water parks & theme parks, hotels, spas, and sporting events. These property owners see it as a wonderful amenity and a healthy way of providing safety for kids and adults, while offering a new opportunity for operating income. A Sunscreen Mist application will cost the user as little as $1, which may be purchased via a credit/debit card, coupon, key card or cash (unless the property offers the Sunburn Protection Machines as a free amenity).

For more information visit Sunscreen Mist on the web at Also, check out Sunless Mist: [Organic Spray on Tan] and Sunless Mist’s custom designed spray tan booth.


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